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Dec 15, 2009
Parent Action Committee
Membership Drive 2011-2012

The Parent Action Committee (PAC) is very excited to announce our 2011-2012 Membership Drive. We hope those of you who have shown interest in becoming part of the PAC now take advantage of this open period to apply. If you are not as familiar with the PAC and its responsibilities, we have prepared a brief summary of our requirements, goals, and past accomplishments to help you decide whether being a member is something important to you.

The mission of the PAC is to promote and improve the communication between the parents, coaches, gym owners, athletes, event producers and USASF. We are not a rule making entity; however we do have the ability to make suggestions and recommendations to the USASF where we see a need to help facilitate better communications between all involved.

The PAC typically consists of 10-15 members from various Allstar programs throughout the nation. For the 2011-2012 year Susan Amick Plonski (Chairman), from Charlotte Allstar Cheerleading, and Fernando Molina (Vice-Chairman), from Cheer Extreme, will lead the committee. Bill Presson, founder of the PAC will continue with the group in an advisory role. The remaining members will be a combination of veterans from previous years and new members added this year.

We prefer each member’s affiliation with Allstars to be primarily as a parent. We know there are many hardworking parents out there that perform various side jobs with their own gyms, event producers, or cheer vendors. While these connections are all important, we do want the PAC’s point of view to be primarily as an Allstar parent. In addition all members should be comfortable with being known by name and gym affiliation on social media. Communication on all the various cheer boards, forums, and Facebook is crucial in getting our message out.

To give you a better and more complete picture of our responsibilities and interests here are some items we were able to accomplish this past year.

Cheer Parents Online
An online community not unlike any other message board for parents to discuss and inquire about all the latest information with regards to Allstar cheerleading. If you have not visited this amazing site we would ask that you please visit and register to become a member.

Cheer Parents 101
The Cheer Parents 101 guide was created to cover some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from other parents when their child begins Allstar cheerleading. The guide discusses topics like: What is Allstar cheerleading? What are the requirements? What are the costs? What is required of me as a parent? For the new 2011-2012 year we hope to publish Cheer Parents 102 which will tackle some of the more advance discussions in Allstar cheerleading.

First Friday Articles
The PAC often submits articles for the USASF First Friday publication. You may be asked throughout the year to help contribute or write one of these articles.

Worlds Insider’s Guide
The Worlds Insiders Guide was created to help serve our parents and be used as a reference to better enhance your Cheerleading Worlds experience. It is also intended to help spectators enjoy the event. Trying to grasp all the information available regarding Worlds can seem daunting so our hope was to make this experience a little easier. This guide will be updated during the new 2011-2012 year.

Facebook- USASF - Parent Action Committee (PAC)
Another social media tool we use to communicate to parents.

Mailing List

A mailing list to receive the latest information on the USASF and the PAC

Applications are due June 3d, 2011
You can download the application from Cheer Parents Online at:
Assuming most if not all communication conducted via email but can you putffer some insight?
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Cheer Dad said:
Assuming most if not all communication conducted via email but can you putffer some insight?

We do a lot of business on the Cheer Parents online message board. There is a closed section for the PAC where we can have discussions. That also allows people to check in on their own schedule. Some specifics get handled by e-mail
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I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the PAC. Two full seasons.

APPLY!! Don't be intimidated. I learned more from working with the PAC during my two years than I did in the 7 years prior being a part of the industry. They value all opinions and I got to do some research and write some articles.

I highly recommend becoming part of the PAC!
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Plus you get to hang out (or e-mail/chat a lot) with really cool people.
Me too! Also, if you don't have a coach to write a recommendation, what happens?

I asked this on, and I believe the answer was something along the lines of "You have to have one." I didn't want to ask, because I barely know our gym owner but she was really nice about it (hasn't written it yet...but I'm still hoping). Can't hurt to ask!