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Dec 13, 2009

Please vote for Macie for TCLM Junior Cheerleader of the Year! She's Randy Dickey's daughter, the owner of ACX. She's such a cute, talented little girl. She's currently a flyer on ACXs mini elite team. We would appreciate your vote for her for Junior Cheerleader of the Year!

Click "like" under her picture to vote for her, you don't even have to like the page!

Just to throw in my person favorite picture of her:
will vote for her, but just wanted to say that if the media got a hold of that first pic, there would up an uproar over the uni.
Thank you everyone. She is the joy of my life. Please pass the word along. Winning this is so important to me and my family. She is excited. VOTE FOR MACIE. Thanks Katie for the help.
Hey guys the contest is over Dec 14th at noon. Please share this and vote is you can. We need all the help we can get. Everyone please share this link to as many people in the next 24 hrs you can. Please push to help Macie win this. Please vote and encourage others.....the contest ends Dec 14th at noon. Help us win. Please click on the photo and then click like. Thats the only way to vote. Help Macie win Cheerleader of the year. Thanks!!!!