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May 2, 2010
So i'm a cheerleader for a high school in West Virginia and we have the most ridiculous rules in the world. To begin with we have to compete on gym floor (Wood Floor), which includes tumbling, (but we can't do double fulls), stunting, jumps, and a dance. Then they get even pickyier? If thats a word. Girls hair cannot touch there shoulders, it must be higher. You have to hold your hands up, palms toward the safety judge and if they can see your fingernails, 10 points. If you take a step when you land your tumbling points off. If you touch in the technical cheer, you're done. And to top it off, we cannot compete at any competitions that are not sanctioned by the WVSSAC. Meaning we can't compete anywhere outside of West Virginia, im just wondering if there are any other states with rules like this?
When I was in college (WVU) I judged ONCE for WVSSAC. I had to take a weekend long course to learn all of their rules, which was pointless. The regulations of you having to "march" in in formation and that the first 10 seconds must have a jump, and in the first 30 seconds must be all motions and all that other crap. Then, no mats. When I got to the one regional I judged (in Martinsburg) it was pouring raining. The roof in the gym started leaking, dripping right onto half court. In most instances that would postpone the event. Oh no, WVSSAC pulled a trash can to half court and told the teams to "work around it". I refused to continue to judge if that was their solution. So they moved the "center" to one end of the court.
yessss I agree 100%.. I cheer in WV too. there are seriously many ridiculous rules ..it's super annoying