High School What Camp Are You Going To This Summer?

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Mar 21, 2011
There was an old forum for this a few weeks ago but it's not up any more...So, where are you going to camp this summer?
Horribly Organized. It's an Elite stunt camp but not enough mats for the teams to use so we spent most of the time trying to get mat space to stunt indoors. Just not well though out or planned. Red shirts and Staff were amazing as always BUT organization was terrible. It was like this was their first year doing this camp, but it is where majority of the teams go that compete at UCA nationals. I was not impressed, and I'm a former UCA instructor. So many things that used to be important, just aren't anymore. spirit sticks, personal attention, senior moments, team bonding. I just wasn't feeling it.
UCA.. We've went last year. I didn't really like it because we didn't really get past thigh stands.
And wish us luck! My middle school team went to camp at Speed Athletics last year, and it was horrible! The camp itself was good, but we ended up flooding a hotel (yes, FLOODING!), and everyone on the team, even the parents that went, cried at least 3 times during the 3 days- and our coach threatened to quit! We've got bad luck with camps..
We do a private camp at our gym and stay at a hotel. We get our competition routine at camp. How is UCA at PCB? I've always heard that resort camps are great for bonding and fun, but that you don't get pushed as hard and don't get as much done. Is that true? I've always been curious about that one and maybe one day we'll go.
some camp called the spirit consultants thats about 5 minutes away from our school... talk about lame:/ but its all indoors and air-conditioned so i guess thats a plus:)