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Mar 5, 2011
So we all know how demanding competitive cheerleading is, and in many cases most girls cant cheer without good grades. So what do they/you do when you have a jam packed weekend/week? do they/you keep good grades up? Share!
I always bring homework to competitions! I plug in my head phones and work! I have no other choice because when competitions decide to run late or whatever the case may be I will be in no mood to do homework when I finally arrive home from a competition that has lasted all weekend. I also do my studies before my meet time or while waiting to meet for awards. Also i sometimes find some time in the hotel rooms during the saturday night of a comp. I am a biggie with good grades, theres no strict rule at my gym but its a mental rule I have. :) My tip is that there is plenty of time to squeeze in homework you just need to find it!
I always do my best to get ahead on work the week before the competition. Thankfully, my division usually competes pretty late in the afternoon/evening so I typically have most of Saturday to get my work done.
i have 5th period study hall this year soo i take advantage of having it & get all my period 1-4 homework done so when i get home or whatever i have to do over the weekend is just for my last 2 periods. i get them done usually friday either at home before i leave for traveling for a comp. or on the way there. i try to do homework in the car because once i'm there it's hard for me to just sit down & do it since my team will be going to dinner or hanging out somewhere & i wanna join! honestly i'm so thankful for the study halls i had in my schedule they really helped keep my grades up!:)
this year at cheersport i left my english book in the hotel room. didnt even realize it till i got to school...that was fun trying to expain to my teacher -_-
I try my hardest to get assignments done in class, or just get most of it done. Then as soon as I get home I work on it and finish it if I didn't at school. Usually I can get math worksheets done at school, but everything else ends up as homework. It's all about time management! All of my grades are 94% or above so..... :)
I just make myself a nice cup of tea and get used to the lack of sleep. Super unhealthy but it's really the only way I can do it.
During the week I cut out time devoted to studying... being busy as an athlete has really helped me with my time management....On 2 day competition weekends, I bring notes or work with me if I have an exam or something that coming Monday. I'm in college and on an Open6 team, we usually go on you will generally find me out in a hallway with my face stuffed in a notebook before warmups...Last weekend @ Richmond Nat'ls, I was studying for a biochemisty exam...I got an 95.9 =)
My old gym used to have a homework room:)

As far as competition weekends, it's about managing your time. Get whatever you can get done on the bus/plane/car ride there. There's always time at competitions, as well as in the hotel.

That ^^^^ is good advice.... don't do what I did in hs and college- saving everything for the last minute so I could drink a pot of straight black coffee and pull an all nighter lol
I cheer for ace as well as my school's competition cheer team so there really isn't a day of the week that I don't have practice. I usually don't get to go to sleep until midnight or later doing homework. And most of the time I don't even finish.. but my first period teacher is pretty low key so I can finish what I didn't do the night before in his class. I try to do as much homework as I can when they first assign it in class so I wont have to do as much when I get home. Its hard because I'm in a lot of advanced and honors classes so there's alot of work but I deal with it... with or without adequate sleep haha
As for competition weekends.. my teachers are usually really good about letting me turn in my make up work whenever I can get it finished, but thats because they know I'm a good student haha. I'm very thankful for this because that's one less thing I have to worry about over the weekend when I need to be focussed on cheer.
I'm curently a junior and have a 4.0.. but I am a little grumpy sometimes because of my lack of sleep. Hopefully I can hold onto my gpa through senior year!