All-Star What Do You Think Lady Gaga Will Say About Ricky Tonight!?

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Jan 8, 2011
Ok so we all know that unfortunately, Ricky Jaime (again, former Brandon cheerleader) has been in the bottom 3 too many times (bottom 4 last week). But this week, I'm excited to see Lady Gaga as a guest judge and even MORE excited to see what she will say about Ricky!!! What do you think she will say? Regardless, make sure you tune in to Fox tonight at 8 p.m. est. And VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!
I hope she remembers his name is "Ricky" not "Alejandro"
for those of you watching, its going to drive me crazy. who had the song melanie danced to in their routine? i think i cant put my thumb on it because it was so slow.
straight from the lips of lady gaga to ricky "i have a sweet spot for you."

ricky really needs a little more variety in the dances he gets... i feel like he's constantly drawing the short stick lol

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