All-Star What Do Your Other Kids Do?

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Nov 7, 2010
How do your non-cheer kids handle how busy we are with our cp's? My son says his sister is a gifted athlete, but isn't interested in her cheerleading. Sometimes I feel badly that I'm so busy with cp - traveling, etc.

My son is a scholar. He's in 11th grade and just got his SAT scores back - WOW! He will go to the college of his choice.I'm really proud of him. I work hard to find special time with him.
I am in a similar boat minus the scholar part! My son is about to turn 14 and really not into doing any cheer related stuff (yet...I'm sure that will change) And I struggle to find things we both enjoy together...We do spend time together in the kitchen working on culinary skills!
My husband is big into football anf golf and they spend a great deal of time doing that together.
We have 3 children. My husband and I have had to divide and conquer on many occasions. We try to alternate the games, performances and competitions for the 3 to ensure that someone is there for them. It would have been helpful if any two of them participated in the same activity, but no luck. My 15 yo is not interested in cheer. He is however interested in girls.. he now has an interest in cheer. :)
This has been the biggest issue for us since starting cheer. My oldest was an all star so she understands the commitment and never complains when I have to skip a marching contest for her sister's comp. The youngest plays baseball, we do a lot of dividing and conquering! Dh would rather sit in front of a train then go to a comp (unless it's NCA and he can watch level 5 and 6 all day) so he is in charge of getting the other 2 to their activities.
That worked for us a lot too. Partly due to just natural interests (the boys were in to scouts, bball, wrestling, etc) and also I traveled with her since we could share a room/cost that we couldn't otherwise. Fortunately we rarely miss too much and have been able to keep a pretty good balance for the 3. Part of the agreement for them was the understanding that in order for everyone to participate in "their thing" they would have to understand if we weren't there for every practice or weekly game. And lots of I saw the performance/match/half times and then had to run to the next thing. But they seem to have adjusted well.
We have other kids? Oh, yeah...;)

Non-cp is still on his path of discovery. That's how we prefer to do it - let them try any/every sport and or activity and if one sticks, so be it. Cp didn't do all star until she was almost 10. So, my son has played soccer, done gymnastics and is currently doing Cub Scouts and martial arts. He even decided to forego basketball season to stick with martial arts! He wants to cheer, but he's a typical 7-year-old ping-pong ball, and the deal is that he has to get ROBHS tuck before he can cheer. That way, if he puts the effort into that, I'll know he's ready to put the effort into everything that goes with all star.