All-Star What Happens To Trophies?

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Dec 14, 2009
What do you guys do with the trophies that accumulate after the season?

Pretty much any gym that has been around for several years starts amassing a pretty big collection of trophies. Do you guys put them on display? Do you give them to athletes at the end of the year? Do you throw them away?

We have mostly kept them all and put into a large display case, but we are running out of room. If anyone has any great ideas for what to do with them, we would love to hear them.
When I watched Jersey Cheer, the coach gave the trophy to the "MVP" so to speak to take home and keep.

I think that is a great idea, I would personally love to have a trophy to keep and show off.
At my old gym, we used to keep them all. We decided to do spring cleaning at one point, and tossed a lot of them (kept the special ones). After that, we handed out the trophies at the competition to an athlete that stood out.
My gym keeps the super special ones, the rest of them are sat on the counter at the end of the season and anyone is free to take them home.
My gym keeps the super special ones, the rest of them are sat on the counter at the end of the season and anyone is free to take them home.

I like this. Of course, I could see crazy cheer moms:Dwhacking each other over the head to take a trophy.

At our old gym, they set them out at the year end banquet and had a silent auction for the trophies. The money raised went to the booster club which I think is the appropriate place since the athletes had "paid" for the trophies through their competition fees.
Our old gym 'rebranded' the old trophies and awarded them after clinics etc. We have at least one 'best jumper' or something like that kicking around:)
at my old gym they had shelves going along the walls of the gym and thats where they put the older ones, the most current ones went on top of the cubbies in the gym.

my new gym has all the trophies on a big shelf and the plaques are on the wall.

this being said, i'm from michigan and all star hasnt been around very long here and the average gym size is about 6 teams.
My HS team removed the little gold part of the front of the trophy that says the competition and placing and put them on different plaques kind of like those "MVP" plaques you see. Kind of hard to explain, but looks nice.
We put them on top of the lockers and cubbies. Then we have a big lip that runs around the top of the room and the older ones go up there. My Tinys asked the other day what happens to all our trophies at the end of the season. I told them they would go up on the walls forever and ever until the owners weren't around anymore and everyone would look at them. And I quote "If Jessica and Mike die, then can we take the trophies home?" Those kids really want a trophy...
We've displayed the trophies throughout the gym and we even built a ledge-like thing above one of the sets of mirrors in our gym so we could display them where everyone can see them, but when we don't have room, sometimes, we sell the older trophies to the athletes for 10 dollars or so. Although, we haven't sold any since 2008.
My gym also did some spring cleaning and let the minis have first dibs on taking home old ones.. They went crazy! I honestly thought I was going to witness a cat fight between 6 year olds.
Our gym keeps the "good" ones and raffles off the others to the team members that earned them. All they ask is that if you won a trophy in the prior year, you don't put your name in for the current year.
We displayed them, but when we moved to our new facility I think we donated some and threw some of the older and "jankier" ones away.
WC awards them to the kids. The coaches pick the cheerleader of the comp and award the trophy. They only keep the NCA and Worlds and they are on display at the gym, for all to enjoy. they also have the very first UCA and Cheersport championship trophy ever won. The gym also only keeps the NCA and Worlds Banners all others are given to the cheerleaders like the trophies