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Dec 9, 2010
lets say the scenario is a cheerleader that is not in a certain age group cheers on a higher/lower team. (meaning she is too old or to young for that specific team) and its not your gym, but they compete and win, and you know that cheerleader is out of age requirements. would you tell?
are you certain that they are too old/young. I've had to carry my daughters birth certificate because she looked 9 when she was 12. We've had girls that hit puberty if 4th grade and looked like they were in high school when they were really 11 or 12
You should bring it up to your coach. It's the coach's job to highlight what they percieve to be illegalities of any kind to the judges and/or event producers.

It's the event producer's job to look into suspected illegalitied to determine if they are correct or if it warrants investigating further. If need be, they should refer matters to the USASF sanctioning committee.

Everyone should get an answer back when the matter is resolved one way or another, but if you don't report illegalities, they won't get fixed. If you are not sure who to send an allegation to after the fact, PM me or anyone on the Parent Action Committe and we'll forward the details to someone on the USASF Rules Committee to see what they can do.
Not open for further replies.