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Dec 14, 2009
how does one approach another fierceboarder for the first time? haha i don't want to be shy at cheersport, and want to meet fierceboarders/"cheerlebrities"

so do you just go up to them? or be like "omg your ____ from the boards!" or what? lol sorry for the stupid question, but i really would appreciate different opinions :p
A lot of times when I'm meeting someone for the first time I'll have their number and we'll organize a meet up somewhere. But if I just see someone, I'll approach them and say something along the line of what you said. "Are you such and such? I'm cheerKT!" Then they say yes and we hug and pictures are taken and fun is had by all.
It's weird the first time but everyone gets very excited when you introduce yourself. I've had people just come straight up and say "Are you CharlotteASMom?" and immediately it was if we knew each other. However one time a women asked me that and then kinda scowled before walking away. I figured I must have been on a rant on the boards the day before or soemthing. LOL

Having the "Fierce" bow is also a great way to find and meet people as well. Some wear it, put it on their backpack, or put it on their wrist. Have fun!
i am obliviously to life, so i don't normally recognize fierceboarders i've never met. but if i've met them, i just go up to them like it's someone i see everyday. or if it's someone i'm really excited to see, i get a running head start and jump lol
but i know most people that see me just legit scream showstopper. and my head whips around lol or they say "hey you're the one with the siggy that makes you look like you're on crack", or something along those lines.
haha...just go up and say hi. It's awkward for everyone the first time. Within 30 seconds it'll be like you've been friends your entire life. Some of my absolute favorite people are from here.
If anyone sees me wandering around and doesn't say hello, I'll be disappointed. I don't always do a good job of spotting people so don't hesitate to yell.

And yes, showstopper does sometimes run up and jump in your arms. I'll never forget that at Jamfest a few years ago.

i normally either have peoples numbers so we meet up or i'll recognize them from creeping on their facebook haha so then i like to run up to them screaming.
first time i met louis, he ran up to me shrieking, jumped in my arms (with his legs wrapped around me), and we almost fell over in the middle of CSG super nationals
im so shy at comps! :( i see people all the time that i recognize from the boards but im always scared to say something lol
Literally wish I went to competitions so I could meet all of you! :( just another negative of not cheering anymore. but one day it will happen!! :)
I'm terrible at faces and names but feel free to say hi! I'm usually running around like a chicken with its head cut off though.