Music When do you usually get your music?

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Dec 13, 2009
Sorry if there's a thread about this already! My Question is when do teams normally get music? Our showday is Sunday, and my team doesn't have music yet. Now I know lots of teams get music throughout the summer. Is it abnormal that my team doesn't have music yet?
I've had mine for a week, and my first competition of the season is in 2 weeks.

I would have to agree with Emily. It really depends on when the team's first competition is. I am still mixing music for clients that are not competing until January.
we have a meeting for what team we make at the end of may and we have all of our music then. we listen to every team as a program and starting then we listen to it at every practice and clinic. its actually a great way to learn the other teams routines for when we're at comps :)

ETA: actually we do have a second comp meeting after that, june maybe, and it might have been that we listened to the music then. but i believe that it was at the team meeting, not the comp meeting.