All-Star why did stars get a light show for their dance?

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Mar 23, 2010
was it for the ESPN shot or were they the only ones who got a light show for their day 2 routine. kinda like how NCA did it for all the teams in dallas with the flames. i saw the video and was like, hold up, that aint really fair. unless the video is labeled wrong, i dont see why they were the only team who got spot lights

Lighting mistake??? only went on for a couple seconds. Those lights usually come on when someone is done competing. So I'm going to take a guess and say they turned them on to early!
Well thank god they didn't win because the possible controversy of that light show would have pushed me over the edge.
I rather liked it! I wish they would do something like that for all teams in the future. I did notice it when I was's subtle yet adds a little something.
Like someone said, I'd be pretty mad if they would have won. It would have seemed SO set up if they were the only ones in the division wth a "light show"
Personally I think Elaine should claim that the lights were distracting the judges which called for their unusually low dance score. ;)
didn't you guys hear? Elaine was seen conversing with the lights director and supposedly handing him a rolled up wad of cash wrapped in a leopard skinned bow. Could just be a rumor though.... :eye roll:
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