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Jan 2, 2010
I was wondering what you prefer as far as accomodations. Do you stay within Disney World? Outside of Disney World? Any specifc hotels to avoid? First time going :starjump:
If you are driving there then stay off Disney property. It's easy to drive into WWS and parking is free. You'll save a bundle not staying on Disney property.

There are a ton of options outside of the park and just depends on how close, how much, and how nice! One year we planned a trip last minute and had no problem finding a hotel.
I do have several hotel blocks both on and off property, you can email if you are interested. [email protected]
The "mouse" took my All Star rooms away this year, but they gave me amazing deals at Pop and some moderate resort. I have Pop for under $75 and Moderate rooms under $120. Magical Express will take you from Orlando's airport to your resort free if you are flying in.
I also suggest anyone interested in going to the parks at least 2 days the 3 day hopper pass from USASF is the best deal since you can get into the Milk House also.
Last year The kids stayed on grounds and I wanted somewhere quiet....we booked Mona Lisa which is about 5 minutes down the road from Wide World of Sports. I went on and if you wait long enough the price comes down ALOT. I paid $109 for a 2 room suite with full kitchen. The pool is beautiful as are the grounds and service....totally would recommend.

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