All-Star Would You Consider This Level 5?

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Would you consider a triple jump FRONT tuck for level 5? just a thought

Yes since it's illegal in Level 4.

Level 4 Standing Tumbling D. Jump skills are not allowed in immediate combination with a standing flip. (example: toe touch back tucks, back tuck toe touches, pike jump front flips)
I worded that wrong i meant it as would you put one into a routine

My Bad. I don't think I would put a triple jump to front tuck in, but would do 2 jump to tuck sequences, one being a pike or front hurdler to front tuck and the other being a triple jump to tuck.
I've seen it, and it was refreshing to see something different about the jump to flip sequence.
I wanna say Spirit of Texas had Front Hurdler Front one year? If it wasnt them, it was someone that was purple!
I don't like punch fronts out of jumps so much as suicides. I just think it makes cool choreography.
our ioc5 team does a few for visual...front hurlder to a front tuck to their butt. i love the look of it cause the whole outside v does it.
i think pro spirit was the first team that i saw do jumps to front tucks. and they did them good! most teams do it and land on there buts. but they landed on there feet on there butts

what does everyone call the front flip to bum?? we call it a caberet flip or a suicide flip... my coach calls it a chicken flip haha
I think East Elite sm srs did triple toe punch fronts circa 2004... I personally think it looks really cool, but its a lot harder and a lot more risky.