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Cheer Parent
Mar 2, 2011
The kids started one for 'you know your a cheerleader when.....' and mentioned a few mom/parent things so I thought I would start that one here. This should be fun!!

You know you're a cheer mom when..........
  • You are up on most of he latest music since you hear it all the time at comps
  • Unlike other sports kids are in, you actually learn all about this one over the years, starting with levels and learning everything all the way to 'when' and 'where' Worlds is!!
  • All your friends have kids that cheer at the same gym
  • You have been out of town more for competitions than you ever have on vacation
  • You can speak fluent "Cheer" with your child (I copied that one from their list)
  • When your car is covered with cheer decals
  • When your car still has window chalk on it 3 weeks after a competition
  • The only time you get days off from work are for competitions
  • You really don't have to much to talk about with a non-cheer parent
Well, that's all I've got for now but I know there are plenty more!!
You agree to be team mom for a team your kids not even on!
You can make an educated guess as to what levels and teams your gym will have next year because you know all the kids!
Most of the kids at the gym just call you mom!
You have a cheer bow company so you live cheer 24/7!
You go to comps your cp is not even competing at - just to watch!

or am I the over the top cheer parent?
--You live in your sister's house rent free while she is out of the country...and you're STILL BROKE!:eek:
--You make your kids go to school with fevers and whatever else because you know they need that Friday and Monday off in a couple months to go to out of town comp
--You go to work sick as a dog--same reason as above, because you know you gotta go out of town for comp and want to use PTO for that
--You're sitting in Panda Express googling the name on the back of some girl's jacket (total stranger...) just to make sure some new gym hasn't opened that you don't know about
just a little creepy

not HER name. The gym name. Because I had never heard of it. Did you think I meant the GIRL'S name? It was just the name of a gym and I was looking to see if it was a cheer gym. Not sure how this is creepy? I think that's why people wear stuff with their gym's name on it--for advertising. If you want your gym to be a secret and "un-google-able" you probably shouldn't wear the name of it all over town. And you probably shouldn't have a website.
Once Nationals begins you don't unpack until after Worlds

The past two comps we have had to go get some of our stuff out of the car to pack so we could leave the next day!! It's gotten really bad since I got the Tahoe and we don't see all the stuff in the back so we forget to get it!! lol
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