All-Star Youth 5 2011-2012

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Dec 15, 2009
Which gyms has youth 5 this year? I know CEA has two youth 5 and I think Maryland Twister has it.
Also mention if your Youth 5 is Youth 5 or Restricted Youth 5.
I believe MT has a restricted
How competitive was this division last season? Do you think its a team worth having if you have no one to compete against in your area? Have been curious about this division since last season when there was talk about getting rid of it.
I dont think we will see too much a difference.
Baskets can only do kick doubles instead trick kick doubles which most youth 5 teams dont do anyway.
Tumbling will be the biggest different with no standing fulls (not that youth teams had a lot) and no doubles (most youth teams only had a handful)
I saw on the 2012 teams thread that Charlotte allstars is having a youth 5. Does anyone know if world cup twinkles are back this year?

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