2016-2017 Gym Teams By Division

Mar 21, 2017
2016-2017 Gym Teams By Division
  • 2016-2017 Gym Teams By Division

    ______ Worlds Divisions______

    International Open All Girl 6

    Cheer Sport - Grey Reef Sharks (Canada)
    Flyers All-Starz - Karma (Canada)
    GymTyme All Stars - Golden Girls
    Pacific Coast Magic - Majesty

    International Open Small Coed 6

    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Reckless
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Coalition 6
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    Flyers All-Starz - Thunder (Canada)
    GymTyme All Stars - Jade
    Pct Cobras - Original Sin
    Top Gun All Stars Miami
    Tribe Cheer - Tomahawks
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Royal Court
    Vancouver All Stars - Ice Out (Canada)

    International Open Large Coed 6

    The California All Stars (San Marcos) - Rangers
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Claw 6
    Flyers All-Starz - Shock (Canada)
    GymTyme All Stars - Chrome
    Pacific Coast Magic - Resurrection
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Rust

    International Open All Girl 5

    Black Widow- Love (Canada)
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Sparkle
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - QueenCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - FierceKatz
    Cheer Extreme Raleigh - Cougars
    Cheer Sport Great White Sharks (Canada)
    Flyers All-Starz - Knockout (Canada)
    Full House All Stars - Jokers
    Vancouver All Stars - Ice Queens (Canada)

    International Open Small Coed 5

    Alaska All Stars - Black Ice
    Allstar Athletics - Lucky 7
    The California All Stars (AZ)- RegulatAZ
    Cheer Athletics Austin - Black DiamondCats
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - KingCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Swooshcats
    Cheer Tyme Mechanicsburg - Addiction
    Cheerletics Royalty - Wi5H
    Cheers & More - Revolve
    Cheersport Sharks - Star Spotted Sharks (Canada)
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury - Ladies & Gents
    FAME All Stars Central - Finale
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Insanity
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars- Xclusive
    Island Xtreme - Legacy
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Slate
    NorCal Elite- Hades
    OC All Stars - Black
    Pacific Coast Magic - Black Magic
    Prodigy All Stars - Blacklight
    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh - 2 Live Crew
    Shockwave All Stars
    Spirit of Texas - Remix
    Stars Vipers - Anacondas
    Step One All Stars - Wicked
    Superstar Athletics - MVP
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Electric
    Top Gun Orlando - TGIF
    Ultimate Canadian Cheer - Panthers
    USA Wildcats - Elite

    International Open Large Coed 5

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Midnight
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Ghost Recon
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Wildcats
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Night Hawks
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Notorious
    Flyers All-Starz - Notorious (Canada)
    NY Icons - Entourage
    PCT Cobras Temptation (Canada)
    Platinum Athletics - Chrome
    Platinum Athletics NY
    Rockstar Cheer - Rolling Stones
    Spirit of Texas - Reign
    Shockwave All Stars
    Top Gun - OO5
    Ultimate Allstars - I5

    Small Senior 5
    ACE Cheer Company -Lady Warriors
    All Star One-Lady Bang
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Lady Bullets
    Central Jersey Allstars - Bombshells
    Champion Cheer - Heat
    Cheer Athletics Austin - OnyxCats
    Cheer Extreme - SSX
    Cheer Factor - X-Factor
    Cheer Intensity - Lady Lions
    Cheer Legendz - Pumaz
    CheerForce WolfPack - Tornados
    Crown Athletics - Golden Girls
    Fire & Ice - 5 Alarm
    Fire House Gym - TNT Lady Boom
    Five Star - Superstars
    Flip City Allstars Lady Canes
    Full House All Stars - Lady Sharks
    Georgia Heat - Inferno
    Green Bay Elite - Lime
    Greensboro Allstar Cheerleading - Diamond Elite
    Heat Athletics - Firestorm
    ICE All Stars - Lady Lightning
    Indiana Elite - Reign
    Infinity Athletics - Pas5ion
    Jersey Pride - Liberty
    KC Cheer - Fearless
    London Heat-5 Alarm (Canada)
    Midwest Cheer Elite - Femme Felines
    Midwest Xplosion - Blackout
    NEO All Stars - Panthers
    NY Icons - Empire
    Pacific Coast Magic - Fantasy
    PCT Cobras - Vengeance
    Premier Athletics Michigan - Legacy
    Premier Athletics Nashville - Majesty
    Premier Athletics Northern Kentucky - Lady Leps
    Rain Athletics - Aqua
    Star Athletics - Senior Red
    Step One All Stars - Phenom
    Superstar Athletics - VIP
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Apple
    Top Gun - Angels
    Top Notch Cheer - Queens
    Twister Allstars - Gold
    Woodlands Elite - Generals
    World Cup Genesis - Blackout

    Medium Senior 5

    All Star Legacy (Ashburn) - Lady X
    Brandon All Stars (Tampa) - Senior Pink
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- Aces
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - AthenaCats
    Cheer Extreme Charlotte - Lady Elite
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Passion
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf - Shade
    Cheers and More- Respect
    Connect Cheer NW - C5
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury - M5
    Elite Cheer - Stars
    FAME Allstars Midlothian - Super Seniors
    ICE All Stars - Weather Girls
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion - Fab 5
    Platinum Athletics - PAC5
    South Jersey Storm - Lady Reign
    Spirit of Texas - A-Team
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Peach
    Top Gun - Lady Jags
    Twist & Shout - Obsession
    Ultimate Athletics - Legacy
    Woodlands Elite - G.I. Janes
    World Cup Freehold - Suns
    World Cup Easton - Zenith

    Large Senior 5

    ACE Cheer Company - Chiefs
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Panthers
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - Senior Elite
    Cheer Savannah - Lady Lace
    Flyers All-Starz - Obsession (Canada)
    HotCheer - Hot5
    Maryland Twisters Hanover - F5
    Pittsburgh Superstars - Supermodels
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Orange
    World Cup Freehold - Shooting Stars

    Small Senior Coed 5

    All Star Legacy (Ashburn) - Dark Matter
    All Star Legacy (WV) - Explicit
    All Star One-Big Bang
    Brandon All Stars (Tampa) - Senior Black
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Smoed
    Central Jersey Allstars - Team Gunz
    Charlotte All Stars - Teal
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - RoyalCats
    Cheer Central Suns - Revolution
    Cheer Factor - X-Clusive
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Falcons
    Cheer St. Louis - Archangels
    Cheer Tyme Mechanicsburg - Obsession
    Cheer World - Omega
    Dream All Stars - Eternity
    FCA Gems - Onyx
    Flip City All Stars - Black Out
    Georgia Allstars
    GymTyme Illinois - Fever
    ICE All Stars - Thunder
    Island Xtreme - Fierce
    KC Cheer - Fierce 5
    Legacy Xtreme All Stars - Diamondbacks
    Legion of Allstars - Black Ice
    Lions Cheer Company - Pride
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Gold
    Louisiana Spirit - Red
    MAC's All Stars - Senior Starz
    Maryland Twisters Hanover - Cobalt
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Blackout
    Maverick Cheer - Outlaws
    Mega's MSC All Stars - Surge
    NY Icons - Perfection
    Platinum Athletics - Onyx
    Premier Athletics Knoxville - Great White Sharks
    Prodigy All Stars - Midnight
    REACT - Revolution
    Spirit Factory - Ice
    Stars Vipers - Royal Cobras
    Thrive All Stars - Onyx
    Tiger Elite - Fierce 5
    Titanium Athletics - Bionic
    Top Gun Naples - Fierce 5
    Tribe Cheer - Chiefs
    Twist & Shout - Diamonds
    University Cheer Force - Firestorm
    Vizion 20/20
    Woodlands Elite - Recon
    World Cup Freehold - Odyssey

    Medium Senior Coed 5
    ACE Cheer Company - Wild Bunch
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Black Ops
    Cheer Extreme - Smoex
    CheerVille Athletics
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury - C5
    Fire & Ice - Hail
    Gem of Champions - Black Diamonds
    GymTyme - Platinum
    Maryland Twisters Hanover - Reign
    Midwest Cheer Elite - Diamond Katz
    Rockstar Cheer - Beatles
    Spirit of Texas - Royalty
    State All Stars
    Ultimate Allstars - Super 5
    Woodlands Elite - Black Ops
    World Cup Freehold - Omni

    Large Senior Coed 5
    ACE Cheer Company - Warriors
    The California All Stars San Marcos (San Marcos)- Cali Coed
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Cheetahs
    Cheer Eclipse - Comets
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - Coed Elite
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Vengeance
    ICE All Stars - Radar
    Oregon Dream Teams - Dream
    Shockwave All Stars
    Step One All Stars - XO
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Steel
    Top Gun All Stars - TGLC
    Oregon Dream Teams - Dream

    ______ Level 5 (Non-Worlds)______

    Small Senior Restricted 5

    All Star One-Bombsquad
    The California All Stars (San Marcos) - So Fab
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - ReignCats
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - AlphaCats
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Dream
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Electric Blue
    North Coast All-Stars - Sky
    Premier Athletics Gallatin - Destiny
    Prime Time All Stars - Cru5h
    Star Athletics - Senior Steel
    Stars Vipers - Queen Cobras
    Titanium Athletics - Impulse
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Fab 5

    Large Senior Restricted 5

    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Live 5
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    GymTyme Illinois - Twi5t
    ICE Allstars - Halo
    Twister Allstars - Steel
    Vancouver All Stars - Myst (Canada)
    World Cup Freehold - Cosmic Rays

    Small Senior Coed Restricted 5

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Platinum
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Snipers
    The California All Stars (AZ) - Strikers
    Champion Cheer - Thunder
    Cheer Central Suns - Ignite
    Ellenwood Starzone - PlatinumRC5
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Excel
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - The Who
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Chili Peppers
    Woodlands Elite - Commanders
    Woodlands Elite - Delta Force
    Oregon Dream Teams - Divine
    Large Senior Coed Restricted 5

    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Midnight
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Pumas
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - Smoke
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Xclusive
    KC Cheer - Ferocious
    Shockwave All Stars
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Guns
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Spice
    Top Gun All Stars (Miami) - YOSO

    Small Junior 5

    Cheer Central Suns - Rise
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Obsession
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - The J5
    NorCal Elite- Medusa
    Step One All Stars - Pretty

    Large Junior 5

    Cheer Extreme - Crush
    ICE All Stars - Frost
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Green

    Small Junior Coed 5

    CheerVille Athletics
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury - J5
    Spirit of Texas - Junior Royals

    Large Junior Coed 5

    Cheer Athletics Plano - Jags
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Jayhawks
    Maryland Twisters - Supercells
    University Cheer Force - Thunder
    Woodlands Elite - Colonels
    World Cup Freehold - Starlites

    Small Junior Restricted 5

    Woodlands Elite - Raptors

    Large Junior Restricted 5

    Cheer Athletics Austin - CrystalCats
    World Cup Freehold - Starbrites

    Small Junior Coed Restricted 5

    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - SuperiorCats

    Large Junior Coed Restricted 5

    Cheer Athletics Plano - Furycats

    Small Youth 5
    Cheer Sport Sharks - White Cheek Sharks
    Flip City Allstars - Crush

    Large Youth 5
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - Youth Elite
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury - Y5
    World Cup Freehold - Twinkles

    ______Level 4 & 4.2______

    Open All Girl 4

    Vancouver All Stars - 4cast (Canada)

    Open Coed 4

    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Shadow
    Cheer Athletics Plano - SavageCats
    Island Elite Cheerleading (Canada) - Big Surf
    NorCal Elite- Nemesis
    Top Gun All Stars (Miami) - O4

    Small Senior 4

    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Plastix
    CAO Elite - Lady Royals
    Champion Cheer - Fury
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - HeiressCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Tigers
    Cheer Central Suns - Rays
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Love
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    Cheer Florida - Sea Warriors
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Apex
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Divas
    Gymtyme Illinois - Sn4p
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Royal
    Jersey Pride - Glory
    KC Cheer - Fortune
    NorCal Elite- Venus
    Pacific Coast Magic - Angels
    Premier Athletics Gallatin - Envy
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - EnVogue
    Rockstar Cheer (Charleston) - Cheetah Girls
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Spice Girls
    San Antonio Spirit - Pink
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Queens
    Star Athletics - Senior Black
    Stars Vipers - Diamondbacks
    Woodlands Elite - Bombshells
    Oregon Dream Teams - Vanity
    Large Senior 4

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Envy
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Jade
    Brandon All Stars - Sapphire
    The California All Stars (AZ)- Classics
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- S4
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - RegalCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Sassycats
    Cheer Central Suns - Radiance
    Cheer Eclipse - Super Novas
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Vixens
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Storm
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion- C4
    Pacific Coast Magic - Fearless
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Divas
    Step One All Stars - Fancy
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Ice
    University Cheer Force - Storm

    Small Senior Coed 4

    The California Allstars (Las Vegas)- Black Jacks
    Cheer Athletics Austin - GalactiCats
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Tally Coed
    FAME All Stars Valley - Celebs
    Flip City Allstars SmoCo
    Green Bay Elite - Orange
    NCT All Stars - Blackout
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - Vanity
    Rockstar Cheer (Gastonia) - Goodie Mob
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Rifles
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Kings & Queens
    Vizion All Stars - Phantom
    Woodlands Elite - Strykers

    Large Senior Coed 4

    Bay State All Stars (Shrewsbury)- Coldfront
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Onyx
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Swagg
    Central Jersey Allstars - Stun Gunz
    Cheer Athletics Austin - ChromeCats
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - ApolloCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Prowlers
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - C4
    FAME All Stars Central - Legends
    ICE Allstars - Velocity
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Green Envy
    Rockstar Cheer - Guns & Roses
    Top Gun All Stars (Miami) - C4
    Ultimate Allstars - Legends
    Ultimate Athletics - Divinity
    Vancouver All Stars - Lightning (Canada)
    Vizion- Phantom
    Woodlands Elite - Apaches
    Woodlands Elite - Black Hawks

    Small Junior 4

    Brandon All Stars East - Obsidian
    Cheer Athletics Austin - RubyCats
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - DynastyCats
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - CupidCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Bengals
    Cheer Florida - Titans
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Idols
    Full House All Stars - Jesters
    Gymtyme Illinois - Phoenix
    Heat Athletics - Lightning
    Jersey Pride - Allegiance
    KC Cheer - Fantasy
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - Xscape
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Kiss
    Stars Vipers - Boomslang 4
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Chrome
    Woodlands Elite - Patriots
    Woodlands Elite - Prowlers
    World Cup- Aurora

    Large Junior 4

    Brandon All Stars - Silver
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Covert
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Sable
    Champion Cheer - Fusion
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Thundercats
    Cheer Central Suns - Fire
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Envy
    ICE All Stars - Super Freeze
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars Blinged Out
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Rouge
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Forecast
    Pacific Coast Magic - Shade
    Shockwave All Stars
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Girls
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Platinum
    Ultimate Athletics - King & Queens
    Woodlands Elite - Majors
    Woodlands Elite - Green Berets
    Vancouver All Stars - Lady Lava (Canada)

    Small Youth 4

    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Believe
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Wonderkatz
    Spirit of Texas - Lil' Divas
    Step One All Stars - Incredible
    University Cheer Force - Wildfire

    Large Youth 4

    Woodlands Elite - Stealth

    Small Senior 4.2
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion - Heat
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Club 42
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - Santana
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - Kriss Kross
    Star Athletics - Senior Platinum
    Titanium Athletics - Ion
    University Cheer Force - Tsunami

    Large Senior 4.2

    All Star One-Explosives
    Brandon All Stars - Steel
    Cheer Extreme Kernersville - Spotlight
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Platinum
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Sr. Silver
    Cheer Athletics Austin - PearlCats
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Whip
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion - Hot Topic
    Prime Time All Stars - Icons
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Pearl Jam
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - UV
    Vancouver All Stars - Aftershock (Canada)
    World Cup Freehold - Infinity

    ______ Level 3______

    Small Senior 3

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Slate
    Brandon All Stars East - White Diamonds
    The California All Stars (Arizona)- Spice
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - VenusCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Felines
    Cheer Central Suns - Flame
    Cheer Florida - Shades
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Lady Birds
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Senior Crush
    East Celebrity Elite Londonderry
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Glam
    ICE Allstars - Cyclones
    Las Vegas Allstars - Scarlet
    NorCal Elite- Aphrodite
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta South) - Black Eyed Peas
    Star Athletics - Senior White
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Gold
    Titanium Athletics - Catalyst
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - AK3
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Lady Reign
    University Cheer Force - Black Ice
    Vizion Athletix (Ohio)
    Woodlands Elite - Lady Preds
    Oregon Dream Teams - Fierce

    Large Senior 3

    Bay State All Stars (Shrewsbury) - Smoke
    Brandon All Stars - Platinum
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Sr. Pink
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Vanity
    Champion Cheer - Lightning
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Firecats
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    FAME All Stars Central - Bombshells
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Prima Donnas (Prep)
    Flip City Allstars Lightning
    Full House All Stars - Wildcardz
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars Luscious
    KC Cheer - Flawless
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Impact
    Pacific Coast Magic - Soldiers of Enchanted
    Premier Athletics Gallatin - Fate
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Smashing Pumpkins
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Sass
    Star Athletics - Senior Gold
    Stars Vipers - Fierce Boas
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Lime
    Ultimate Allstars - The Queens
    Ultimate Athletics - Reign
    Woodlands Elite - Night Hawks
    Woodlands Elite - Sergeants
    World Cup - Omega
    Vancouver All Stars - Hurricane (Canada)

    Small Senior Coed 3

    All Star One-Sky Lights
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Code 3
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - KnightCats
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Inspire
    GymTyme Illinois - 3rd Degree
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Impact
    Pacific Coast Magic - Charisma
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - Fall Out Boy
    San Antonio Spirit- Jade

    Large Senior Coed 3

    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- Black Diamonds
    Central Jersey Allstars - Knockout
    Cheer Central Suns - Torch
    Cheer Eclipse - Starblaze
    Heat Athletics - Wildfire
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Emerald
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Teal
    NCT All Stars - Super Sonics
    North Coast All-Stars - Tiffany
    Top Gun All Stars (Miami) - C3

    Small Junior 3

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Lady Diamonds
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- J3
    The California All Stars (AZ)- Pistols
    Central Jersey Allstars - BombSquad
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - ImperialCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - IceCats
    Cheer Central Suns - Sparkle
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Unity
    Cheer Florida (Coconut Creek) - Sirens
    Cheer Florida (Wellington) - Serpants
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Black Ice
    FAME All Stars Valley - Epic
    GymTyme Illinois - Velv3t
    ICE Allstars - Wild Windz
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Sapphire
    Jersey Pride - Freedom
    KC Cheer - Fiesta
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion- Hot Shots
    NorCal Elite- Morpheus
    Pacific Coast Magic - Divine
    Pacific Coast Magic - Purple Rain
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - REM
    San Antonio Spirit - Black
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Passion
    Step One All Stars - Fierce
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Fire
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Snipers
    Woodlands Elite - Bullets
    Oregon Dream Teams - Fame

    Large Junior 3

    All Star One-Red Hots
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Cobalt
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Denim
    Brandon All Stars - Jade
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- J Money
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- J-Fab
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Slate
    Champion Cheer - Burn
    Cheer Athletics Ausin - Lady Diamond
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - EmpressCats
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - TitanCats
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - NebulaCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Lynx
    Cheer Central Suns - Spark
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Rockstars
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Midnight
    KC Cheer - Fame
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Clutch
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Mist
    NCT All Stars - Cosmic Rays
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Aces
    Star Athletics - Junior Black
    Stars Vipers - Red Hot Mambas
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Scarlet
    University Cheer Force - Rain
    Woodlands Elite - Captains
    Woodlands Elite - Spartans
    World Cup Freehold - Super Sonics

    Small Youth 3

    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Young Gunz
    CAO Elite Reign
    Champion Cheer - Caliente
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - NovaCats
    Cheer Central Suns - Dazzle
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach- Fancy
    GymTyme Illinois - Peppermint
    ICE All Stars - Sunshine Girls
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion- Burn
    North Coast All-Stars - Rain
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - 3LW
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Heartbreakers
    Stars Vipers - Hydra 3
    Ultimate Athletics - Ac3s
    Woodlands Elite - Phantom

    Large Youth 3

    Bay State All Stars (Shrewsbury) - Frostbite
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Lions
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Hollywood
    Louisiana Cheer Force-Peach
    Pacific Coast Magic - Crush
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Black
    Woodlands Elite - Lieutenants
    Vancouver All Stars - Storm Chasers (Canada)

    ______Level 2______

    Small Senior 2

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Mist
    The California All Stars (AZ)- Posh
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - OmegaCats
    Cheer Central Suns - Brilliance
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Hope
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Lady Lime
    ICE All Stars - Riptide
    Jersey Pride - Independence
    KC Cheer - Force
    NorCal Elite- Electra
    Pacific Coast Magic - Glamour
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta South) - Big Time Rush
    Step One All Stars - Ferocious
    Ultimate Athletics - Royals
    Vizion- Lady Lash
    Vizion Athletix (Ohio)
    World Cup - Zodiac
    Oregon Dream Teams (Eugene) - Ladies in Blue

    Large Senior 2

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Lace
    Brandon All Stars - Cobalt
    Brandon All Stars East - Crystal
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- Roulettes
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Bluettes
    Champion Cheer - Blaze
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - MonarchCats
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - CometCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Sabres
    Cheer Central Suns - Radiance
    Cheer Eclipse - Electra
    Cheer Force Arkansas - TealBirds
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Sirens
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Scarlet
    Pacific Coast Magic - Lady Suns
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Rush
    Star Athletics - Senior Onyx
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Pink
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Missiles
    Ultimate Allstars - Lightning
    Woodlands Elite - Admirals

    Small Junior 2

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Aqua
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Snow
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas) - Deuces
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Jr. Black
    The California All Stars (AZ)- Shooters
    Central Jersey Allstars - Sharp Shooters
    Champion Cheer - Fire
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - BetaCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Leopards
    Cheer Central Suns - Sol
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Charm
    Cheer Florida - Gryphons
    East Celebrity Elite Londonderry
    FAME All Stars Central - Inspire
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Prodigy
    FAME All Stars Valley - Valley Girls
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Royals
    Heat Athletics - Inferno
    Las Vegas Allstars - Rouge
    Pacific Coast Magic - Oasis
    Pacific Coast Magic - Trust
    Premier Athletics Gallatin - Fortune
    Rockstar Cheer (Charleston) - Veronicas
    Rockstar Cheer (Gastonia) - Journey
    San Antonio Spirit- Royal
    Ultimate Athletics - Empresses
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Majesty (Prep)
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Supremacy
    Vizion All Stars - UV
    Woodlands Elite - Fury
    World Cup - Venus

    Large Junior 2

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Hail
    Bay State All Stars (Shrewsbury) - Sleet
    Brandon All Stars - Chrome
    Brandon All Stars East - Ruby
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Electric
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- J2 Crew
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Reign
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - MajestiCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Katz
    Cheer Eclipse - Shooting Stars
    Cheer Florida - Lynx
    Flip City Allstars Twisters
    Full House All Stars - Jacks
    ICE Allstars - Twisters
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars Posh
    KC Cheer - Fever
    Louisiana Cheer Force- Ivy
    Pacific Coast Magic - Sun Rays
    Star Athletics - Junior White
    Stars Vipers - Rattler Reign
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Gray
    University Cheer Force - Frost
    Woodlands Elite - Airborne
    Vancouver All Stars - Super Twisters (Canada)

    Small Youth 2

    All Star One-Firecrackers
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Blizzard
    Champion Cheer - Fever
    Cheer Athletics Austin - AmberCats
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - KingdomCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Ocelots
    Cheer Florida - Ravens
    Cheer Florida - Angels (Prep)
    Cheer Nation Athletics- Halos
    FAME All Stars Valley - Drama Queens
    GymTyme Illinois - Candy Girls
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Ivy
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Sprinkles
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion- Fire
    Pacific Coast Magic - Fairytales
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - Rage
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta South) - BigBang
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Bangles
    Stars Vipers - Pure Poison
    Step One All Stars - Sensational
    Titanium Athletics - Fusion
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Pistols

    Large Youth 2

    Brandon All Stars - Amber
    CAO Elite - Glitter
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - AstroCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Cougars
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    Cheer Florida - Unicorns
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Thunderbirds
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Socialites
    Flip City Allstars Storm
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Lime
    Jersey Pride - Brave
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Caution
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Hearts
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Red
    Ultimate Allstars - Cyclones
    Woodlands Elite - Master Chiefs
    Woodlands Elite - Raiders

    Small Mini 2

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Ice
    Flip City Allstars Reign
    KC Cheer - Fiercelings
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Monkees
    Step One All Stars - Mighty
    Woodlands Elite - Snipers

    Large Mini 2

    Cheer Athletics Plano - Cubs
    Vancouver All Stars - Mini Hail (Canada)

    ______Level 1______

    Small Senior 1

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Jade
    Brandon All Stars - Maroon (Prep)
    Brandon All Stars - Slate
    Central Jersey Allstars - Commanders
    Champion Cheer - Ember
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Arctic Cats
    Cheer Central Suns - Sizzle
    Elite All Stars (Cumberland) - Fame
    KC Cheer - First Ladies
    Las Vegas Allstars - Rose
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Vortex
    NorCal Elite- Athena
    Pacific Coast Magic - Lady Mist
    Pacific Coast Magic - Orange
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Rose

    Large Senior 1

    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Crystal
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Deja Blue
    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- White Gold
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- Wildcards
    Cheer St Louis - Honor
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Idols
    Pacific Coast Magic - Queens
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Black Crowes
    University Cheer Force - Twisters

    Small Junior 1

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Chrome
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Dazzle
    Bay State All Stars (Shrewsbury) - Hailstorm
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- Jr. Pink
    The California All Stars (Arizona)- Couture
    Central Jersey Allstars - Jr Ammo
    Cheer Athletics Plano - BearKatz
    Cheer Central Suns - Light
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    Cheer Florida (Coconut Creek) - Cyclops
    Cheer Florida (Wellington) - Fairies
    Full House All Stars - Lady Royals
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars Fortune
    NCT All Stars - Eclipse
    Rockstar Cher (Atlanta) - Creed
    Step One All Stars - Wonderful
    Ultimate Allstars - Diamonds (Prep)
    Vancouver All Stars - Cyclones (Canada)
    Woodlands Elite - Corporals
    Oregon Dream Teams (Eugene) - Royals

    Large Junior 1

    The California All Stars (San Marcos)- Blush
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - AristoCats
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - SolarCats
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Royals (Prep)
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Covergirls
    FAME All Stars Central - Showtime
    Pacific Coast Magic - Vogue
    Star Athletics - Junior Chrome
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Mango
    University Cheer Force - Mist
    Woodlands Elite - Cavalry
    Woodlands Elite - Rangers

    Small Youth 1

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Opalite
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Shimmer
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Sterling
    Brandon All Stars - Onyx (Prep)
    Brandon All Stars East - Scarlet
    The California All Stars (Las Vegas)- Glam
    The California All Stars (Livermore)- Cadets
    The California All Stars (Ontario)- Sapphire
    Central Jersey Allstars - Bullets
    Champion Cheer - Torch
    Cheer Athletics Austin - EmeraldCats
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Courage
    Elite All Stars (Upper Marboro) - Sparkle
    FAME All Stars Valley - Chart Toppers
    FAME All Stars Central - Hot Shots
    Full House All Stars - Aces
    Heat Athletics - Flames
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars Lavish
    Las Vegas Allstars - Blush
    NCT All Stars - Starbursts
    NorCal Elite- Iris
    Pacific Coast Magic - Aspire
    Pacific Coast Magic - Dazzle
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta) - Sugarland
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta East) - Sonic Youth
    Rockstar Cheer (Gastonia) - Blondie
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Ting Tings
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Stars
    Stars Vipers - Pythons
    Titanium Athletics - Heat (Prep)
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Pellets
    University Cheer Force - Snow
    Vancouver All Stars - Storm (Canada)
    Oregon Dream Teams - Trend

    Large Youth 1

    Brandon All Stars - Emerald
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - MeteorCats
    Cheer Athletics Plano - KittyKatz
    Cheer Eclipse - Starburst
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Barbies
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym - Zoom
    North Coast All-Stars - Sapphire
    Pacific Coast Magic - Royalty

    Small Mini 1

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Glam
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Pixie
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Sparkle
    The California All Stars (Camarillo)- BBz
    Champion Cheer - Dynamite
    Cheer Athletics Columbus - ZetaCats
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - Meteorites
    Cheer Central Suns - Sunspots
    Cheer Eclipse - Stardust
    Cheer Extreme Waldorf
    Cheer Florida - Pixies
    Flip City Allstars Hail
    GymTyme Illinois - Cherry Bombs
    ICE All Stars - Frostbites
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Mint
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Turquoise
    Jersey Pride - Dandies
    Maryland Twisters Sterling - Dewdrops
    NorCal Elite- Hebes
    Pacific Coast Magic - Beach Babes
    Pacific Coast Magic - Fireflies
    Prime Time All Stars - VIP
    Rockstar Cheer (Atlanta South) - Bee Gees
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - Goo Goo Dolls
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Peppermint
    Ultimate Allstars - Mayhem
    Ultimate Athletics - Princesses
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock - Royalty (Prep)
    University Cheer Force - Monsoon
    Vizion- Baby Bluez
    Woodlands Elite - Aviators
    Woodlands Elite - Gunners
    Oregon Dream Teams - Glam

    Large Mini 1

    Cheer Athletics Plano - Bobcats
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Supermodels
    Vancouver All Stars - Mini Elite (Canada)
    Woodlands Elite - Military Police

    Tiny 1

    Atlanta Jayhawks - Glitter
    Atlanta Jayhawks - Glitz
    Brandon All Stars - Pearls (Prep)
    Brandon All Stars - Sparkles
    Cheer Athletics Charlotte - Clawstle Kittens
    Cheer Athletics Frisco - Little Dippers (Show)
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Itty Bitty Kitties
    Cheer Athletics Plano - Show Kittens (Show)
    Cheer Central Suns - Sunny T's
    Cheer Eclipse - Twinkles
    Cheer Extreme Chicago - Heart
    Cheer Florida (Coconut Creek) - Genies
    Cheer Florida (Wellington) - Spitfires
    East Celebrity Elite Tewksbury
    Elite All Stars (Upper Marboro) - Sprinkles
    FAME All Stars Central - World Premier
    FAME All Stars Midlothian- Doll Babies (Prep)
    FAME All Stars Midlothian - Tiny Elite
    FAME All Stars Valley - Entertainers (Prep)
    FAME All Stars Virginia Beach - Monstars (Prep)
    Full House All Stars - Go Fishes
    GymTyme Illinois - Love Bugs
    Heat Athletics - Embers
    ICE All Stars - Tiny Tornados
    Integrity Cheer Elite (ICE) All Stars WOW Girls
    Indiana Ultimate Elkhart - Baby Blue
    Indiana Ultimate Fort Wayne - Periwinkle
    Jersey Pride - Belles
    KC Cheer - Flippers
    Las Vegas Allstars - Tiny Taffy
    Maine Stars Cheer Gym
    Pacific Coast Magic - Cherubs
    Pacific Coast Magic - Majestic
    Prime Time All Stars - Sass
    Rockstar Cheer (Greenville) - The Wiggles
    San Antonio Spirit- Pearl
    Spirit of Texas - Tiny Tiaras
    Step One All Stars - Teeny
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Grape
    The Stingray All Stars Marietta - Berry (Prep)
    Titanium Athletics - T-22 (Prep)
    Top Gun All Stars (SW) - Lil Jags
    Ultimate Allstars - Twinkles
    University Cheer Force - Rainbow Elite
    University Cheer Force - Tiny Rays
    World Cup All Stars Freehold - Tiny Stars
    World Cup All Stars Freehold - Twilights (Prep)

    ______Other Divisions______

    Special Needs

    The California All Stars (Arizona)- Super
    Cheer Athletics Plano - SuperKatz
    Cheer Central Suns - Colorado Suns
    GymTyme Illinois - Heart
    Heat Athletics - Sparklers
    Pacific Coast Magic - Invincible
    Stars Vipers - Kinetic Kids
    Titanium Athletics - Atomic
    Ultimate Athletics - Gems
    Vancouver All Stars - Rainbow (Canada)
    Oregon Dream Teams - Inspire

    Parent Teams
    FAME All Stars Roanoke - Classics