2018-2019 Gym Teams By Division

Apr 1, 2019
2018-2019 Gym Teams By Division
  • 2018-2019 Gym Teams By Division
    ______ Worlds Divisions______

    International Open All Girl 6

    Black Widow-Ice (Canada)
    Cheerforce Allstars-Platinum (Canada)
    Cheer Sport- Grey Reef (Canada)
    Flyers All-Starz- Karma (Canada)
    OC All Stars - Neon
    Perfect Storm - Lightning (Canada)
    Vancouver Allstars- Blackout (Canada)

    International Open Small Coed 6

    ACE Athletics- Rouge (Canada)
    California All Stars - Reckless (Camarillo)
    Flyers Lightning (Canada)
    Powersports Platinum (College Station) - Int'l
    Top Gun - SiCk6 (Miami)

    International Open Large Coed 6

    ACE Athletics Majors (Canada)
    Bellevue Cheer - BCIOLC6
    California All Stars - Rangers (San Marcos)
    Flyers All starz Shock (Canada)
    OC All Stars - Shadow
    PCT Resurrection (Canada)
    Perfect Storm Thunder (Canada)
    Pirates Athletics- Black Flag (Canada)
    Twist & Shout - Genesis
    Vancouver All-Stars - Black Ice (Canada)

    International Open All Girl NT 5

    ACE Athletics -Vicious (Canada)
    ACX Twisters - Vortex
    Alberta Cheer Empire- Monarchy (Canada)
    All Star One-Lady Bang
    Bay State Allstars- Halo (Bridgewater)
    Cheer Extreme - Lady Lux (Kernersville)
    Cheer Omega All Stars- Kappa Crush
    Cheer Sport - Copper Sharks (Canada)
    Cheer Sport- Silky Sharks (Canada)
    Core Athletix- Pink Diamonds (Rochester)
    Coyotes- Wanted Pack (Canada)
    Elite Heat All Stars-Platinum
    Flyers Allstars- Fearless (Canada)
    Rockstar Cheer- Nickelback (Columbia)
    Vancouver All Stars-Ice Age (Canada)
    Velocity Xtreme- Code Black
    Viqueens-Spirit (Norway)

    International Open Coed NT 5

    Absolute Cheer-Vegas Gold (Canada)
    Beach Cheer Athletics -Crush (Canada)
    Cheer Athletics - ThroneCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Elite All Stars-Blackout
    Cheer Extreme -Code Black (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme/Shockwave Allstars-Knockout (DMV)
    Cheer Strike Allstars- Royal Cobras
    Cheer St Louis- Prestige
    Courage Cheer and Dance United-Sea Lions
    Coventry Dynamite-Bomb 5quad (England)
    Diamond Athletic Cheer & Dance-Scarlet
    Fuel Athletics - 5uego
    Iconic Cheer Elite-Brooklyn's Finest
    Legends Cheer Elite-Atlas
    Les Jabs Cheerleading-Revenge (Canada)
    Limelight Allstars- Hype (Canada)
    Louisiana Cheer Force- Slate
    Louisiana Spirit -Obsession
    Maryland Twisters-Thin Ice
    Michigan Storm Cheer- Thunderstruck
    North Bay Elite-Outlaws
    NY Icons- Entourage
    Ocala Athletix-Blackout
    Pegasos Allstars- (Guatemala)
    Perfect Storm Athletics- Supercells (Canada)
    Phoenix Elite- Resurrection
    Pirates Athletics- Royal Fleet (Canada)
    Rebels Elite- Resistance
    River City Allstars-Super Novas
    Supernatural All Stars-Phoenix
    Southern Cross Cheer -Interstellar (Australia)
    Stars Vipers California-King Cobras
    Unity Allstars-Steel (England)

    Open/International Open All Girl 5

    ACE Athletics- OPP (Canada)
    Alberta Cheer Empire- Synergy (Canada) - Int'l
    California All Stars - Sparkle (San Marcos)
    Champion Cheerleading Flawless (Canada)-Intl
    Champion Cheer - Heat
    Cheer Athletics - Ladycats (Plano) - Int'l
    Cheer Force -Golden Girls (Canada)- Int'l
    Cheer Sport - Great Whites (Canada)-Int'l
    FAME - Vengeance (Midlothian)
    Flyers Allstars Knockout (Canada) - IO5 GLOBAL
    Flyers Allstars Intensity (Canada)
    PCT Odyssey (Canada)
    Pirates Athletics- Golden Gun (Canada) Int'l
    Powersports 24K Gold - (College Station) Int'l
    Prodigy All Stars - Starlight
    Stingray All Stars - Apple (Marietta)
    Vancouver Allstars - Ice Queens (Canada)-Int'l

    Open/International Open Small Coed 5

    Absolute Cheer- Vegas Gold (Canada)
    ACE Athletics Ignite (Canada)
    ACX Twisters - Perfect Storm
    Black Widow Love (Canada)- Int'l
    Brandon All Stars - Smoke
    California All Stars - Aces (Las Vegas)
    Cheer Athletics - Crewcats (Plano) - Int'l
    Cheer Athletics - Royalcats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - Steelcats (Pittsburgh)
    Cheer Athletics - Swooshcats (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Cougar Coed (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme - Shade (Maryland)
    Cheer Sport-Pacific (Canada) - Int'l
    Cheer Sport- Starspotted (Canada)
    Core Athletix- Black Diamonds (Rochester)
    Coyotes Wrecking Pack (Canada)
    Halifax Cheer Elite- Blue Crew (Canada)
    OC All Stars - Black
    Prodigy All Stars - Blacklight - Int'l
    Rockstar Cheer - Beatles (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Rolling Stones (Greenville) - Int'l
    South Elite - Titans
    Spirit of Texas
    State Allstars - Lady Jags & Gents
    Stingray - Electric Rays - Int'l
    Top Gun - Angels (Orlando)
    Top Gun SCI-5 - Int'l

    Open/International Open Large Coed 5

    ACE Athletics Riot (Canada) - Int'l
    ACX Diamonds Uncut
    Alberta Cheer Empire Insurgence (Canada) - Int'l
    California All Stars - Ghost Recon (Livermore)
    Cheer Athletics - Wildcats (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - XXX (Raleigh)
    Core Athletix- Big Red (Rochester)
    Flyers Notorious (Canada) Int'l
    Integrity Cheer Empire- Xclusive (Canada) Int'l
    PCT Temptation (Canada)- Int'l
    Perfect Storm Lightning (Canada)- Int'l
    Stars Vipers - Anacondas (Schertz)
    Top Gun - OO5 (Miami)
    Top Gun - Immortals (Arizona)
    World Elite - Temptation

    Extra Small Senior 5

    ACX Outlaws - TNT
    Black Widow- Wild (Canada)
    California All Stars - Vixens (Mesa)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Bombshells
    Cheer Central Suns - Lady Suns
    Cheer Express- Miss Silver
    Cheer Extreme - Hail (Sanford)
    Cheer Extreme - X5 (Richmond)
    Cheer Force Allstars- Reign (Canada)
    Cheer Fusion- Perfect Storm
    Cheer Legendz - Pumas
    Cheer Sport Sharks - Sailfin Sharks (Canada)
    Cheer St Louis- Archangels
    Cheer Xpress - Lady X
    CTA - Highflyers
    Desert Storm Elite
    Dream Allstars-Eternity
    East Coast Extreme-Hail
    Elite Cheer - Stars
    Gems Cheer Stars-Ice
    Green Bay Elite- Lime
    Hot Cheer - HOT5
    ICE - Golden Girls (Indianapolis)
    ICE - Hail Queens (Pittsburgh)
    Indiana Elite-Black Reign
    Jersey Allstars-Villains
    KCAC- Platinum
    Luxes Cheer- Lady Legends
    Magic Allstars - Fantasy
    Ohio Valley Allstars-Phoenix
    Pennsylvania Elite- Guardians
    Premier Athletics NKY - Rouge Ladies
    River City Allstars-Lady Sizzle
    Savannah Sharks - Relentless
    Star Athletics - Sr. Red
    Thrive Allstars - Diamonds
    Twist and Shout - Obsession (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Lady Rage (Katy)
    World Cup-Blackout
    World Elite- Crave

    Small Senior 5

    Brandon All Stars - Senior Pink
    California All Stars - Lady Bullets (San Marcos)
    CC Champs -Shine
    Cheer Athletics - PlatinumCats (Pittsburgh)
    Cheer Extreme - SSX (Raleigh)
    Crimson Heat- Five Alarm
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    Fire & Ice - 5 Alarm
    ICE - Lady Lightning (Aurora)
    Jersey Pride - Liberty
    KC Cheer
    Matrix Allstars- Revolution
    PCT Vengeance (Canada)
    Premier Athletics - Lady Legacy
    Rain Athletics - Aqua
    Stingray Allstars - Sniper (Michigan)
    Woodlands Elite - Generals (Oak Ridge)

    Medium Senior 5

    California All Stars - Midnight (Ontario)
    Cheer Extreme - Passion (Chicago)
    East Celebrity Elite - M5 Bombshells (Tewksbury)
    FAME - Super Seniors (Midlothian)
    Platinum Athletics- PAC5 (Wantagh)
    Spirit of Texas - A-Team
    Stingray All Stars - Peach (Marietta)
    Top Gun - Lady Jags (Miami)
    Woodlands Elite - G.I. Janes (Oak Ridge)

    Large Senior 5

    ACE Cheer Company - Chiefs (Hattiesburg)
    Cheer Athletics - Panthers (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Senior Elite (Kernersville)
    Cheer Sport Small Fins (Canada)
    Maryland Twisters - F5 (Hanover)
    Savanah Cheer- Lady Lace
    Stingray All Stars - Orange (Marietta)
    World Cup - Shooting Stars (Freehold)

    Extra Small Senior Coed 5

    ACX Jags - Kat Daddies
    All Star One-Big Bang
    Atlanta Jayhawks- Shade
    ATA- Atomic
    Bay State - Black Surge
    Broward Elite Allstars- Kat 5
    California All Stars (Camarillo)
    Central Illinoisn Athletics- Black Onyx
    Cheer Extreme - Reign (Charlotte)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Falcons
    Cheer Intenstity Lions
    Cheer Station Flyers
    Cheer Xpress - Coex 5
    Cheerville Athletics - Anarchy
    CNY Storm-Weather Team
    Desert Storm Elite
    Elite Heat Allstars- 24k
    Extreme Allstars Senior 5
    Famous Superstars Gold
    Five Star Wicked
    GC2 Royal Allstars Reign
    Georgia Heat-Black Ice
    GymTyme - Fever (Illinois)
    Hawaii Allstars- HI-5
    ICE - Thunder (Aurora)
    Maine Stars - X5 Glory
    Midwest Cheer Elite - Wildfire
    Nebraska Cheer Center - Royalty
    Nor Cal Elite- Zeus
    Pacific Coast Magic- Mysterious
    Prodigy Allstars - Starlight
    San Antonio Smoke-Team Smoke
    Shockwave Knockout
    Sparks Cheerleading Blackout (Canada)
    Spirit Allstars-Obsession
    Stingray All Stars - Stealth Rays (Michigan)
    Top Notch Cheer-Kings and Queens
    Twist and Shout - Adam & Eve (Tulsa)
    Twist and Shout - Diamonds (Tulsa)
    Ultimate Allstars - Cat 5
    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock
    University Cheer Force Firestorm
    Valley Elite- Big Red
    World Class Athletics-Black Diamonds

    Small Senior Coed 5

    Brandon All Stars - Senior Black
    California All Stars - Smoed (Camarillo)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Team Gunz
    Cheer Athletics - ZeusCats (Colombus)
    Connect Cheer NW - C5
    East Celebrity Elite - Fame (CT)
    Florida Top Dog - Rain
    New York Icons- Perfection (Rochester)
    Prodigy Allstars - Midnight
    USA Wildcats
    Woodlands Elite - Recon (Oak Ridge)

    Medium Senior Coed 5

    California All Stars - Black Ops (Livermore)
    Cheer Extreme - Coed Elite (Kernersville)
    Cheer Extreme - Smoex (Raleigh)
    East Celebrity Elite - C5 Bomb Squad (Tewksbury)
    Maryland Twisters - Reign
    Spirit Athletics - Ricochet
    Spirit of Texas - Royalty
    Steel Athletics - Titanium
    Stingray All Stars - Cobalt (Marietta)
    Woodlands Elite - Black Ops (Oak Ridge)
    World Cup - Odyssey (Freehold)

    Large Senior Coed 5

    ACE Cheer Company - Warriors
    California All Stars - Cali Coed (San Marcos)
    Cheer Athletics - Cheetahs (Plano)
    Stingray All Stars - Steel (Marietta)
    Top Gun - TGLC (Miami)

    ______ Level 5 (Non-Worlds)______

    Small Senior Restricted 5

    Cheer Athletics - Diamondcats (Austin)
    Cheer Athletics - Pumas (Plano)
    Cheer Central Suns - Solstice (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Central Suns - Suñoritas (Parker)
    Cheer Central Suns - Twilight (Lafayette)
    Connect Cheer NW - Blush
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    Express Cheer - Exotic
    Fire & Ice (Mars)
    ICE - Supernova (Indy)
    Jersey Pride - Justice
    Stars Vipers - Queen Cobras (Austin)
    Stingray All Stars - Black Diamond (Johns Creek)
    Woodlands Elite - Lady Guns (Oak Ridge)

    Large Senior Restricted 5

    Brandon Allstars - Shade
    California All Stars - Live 5 (Livermore)
    Cheer Extreme - Legacy (Kernersville/Salem)
    Cheer Extreme - Monarchs (Charlotte)
    East Celebrity Elite (Tewksbury)
    Stingray All Stars - Combat Rays (Michigan)
    Stingray All Stars - Spice (Marietta)
    Vancouver Allstars - Snow Angels

    Small Senior Restricted Coed 5

    California All Stars - Strikers (Mesa)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Rated R
    Cheer Athletics - ReignCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Extreme - Black Diamonds (Roanoke)
    Cheer Extreme - Ghost (Maryland)
    Cheerville Athletics - Vendetta
    East Celebrity Elite- Royal 5 (Tewksbury)
    Maine Stars - Rage5
    Rockstar Cheer - Chili Peppers (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Def Leppard (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - The Who (Atlanta)
    South Elite - Diamonds
    Top Gun - Fierce 5 (SW)
    Top Gun - Riot (Arizona)
    Twist and Shout - Crush (Norman)
    Woodlands Elite - Commanders (Humble)
    Woodlands Elite - Raptors (Katy)
    World Cup - Blaze (Lancaster)

    Large Senior Restricted Coed 5

    Spirit of Texas - Royal Guns
    Stars Vipers - Royal Cobras (Schertz)
    Top Gun - YOSO (Miami)
    Twist and Shout - Heart (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Swat (Oak Ridge)
    World Cup - Cosmic Rays (Freehold)

    Small Junior 5

    Brandon Allstars - Fire
    California All Stars - Junior Ops (Livermore)
    California All Stars - Eclipse (Ontario)
    Cheer Extreme - Obsession (Chicago)
    Connect Cheer NW - Obsidian
    Rockstar Cheer - Spin Doctors (Atlanta)
    Woodlands Elite - Colonels (Oak Ridge)

    Large Junior 5

    East Celebrity Elite - J5 JWOW (Tewksbury)
    ICE - Frost (Aurora)
    Spirit of Texas
    Stingray All Stars - Green (Marietta)
    World Cup - Starlites (Freehold)

    Small Junior Coed 5

    California All Stars - Junior Mafia (San Marcos)
    Cheer Central Suns - Rise (Englewood)
    Cheer Extreme (Raleigh)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Jayhawks
    Top Gun

    Large Junior Coed 5

    Cheer Athletics - Jags (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Crush (Kernersville)

    Small Junior Restricted 5

    Bay State -Sky
    Cheer Athletics - SuperiorCats (Charlotte)
    East Celebrity Elite- Spotlight (CT)
    Rockstar Cheer - Vixen (Atlanta East)
    USA Wildcats- Junior Elite

    Large Junior Restricted 5

    Cheer Athletics - Furycats (Plano)
    Rain Athletics - Downpour
    Stingray All Stars - Royal

    Small Junior Restricted Coed 5

    Cheer Central Suns - Rise (Parker)
    Cheer Extreme - Princesses (Charlotte)
    East Celebrity Elite- J-Rock (Tewkbury)
    Woodlands Elite - Bombers (Katy)

    Large Junior Restricted Coed 5

    World Cup - Twinkles (Freehold)

    ______Level 4 & 4.2______

    Open All Girl 4

    Cheer Extreme - Queens (Raleigh)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Invidia (San Jose)
    Rockstar Cheer - Led Zeppelin (Mesa)
    Vancouver All-Stars - 4Cast (Canada)

    Open Coed 4

    AZ Element Elite - Vibranium (Arizona)
    California All Stars - Shadow (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - Savagecats (Plano)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Nemesis (San Jose)
    Rockstar Cheer - Guns & Roses (Greenville)
    Top Gun - O4 (Miami)
    Top Gun - Golden Ops (Arizona)
    Island Elite - Big Surf (Canada)
    Rockstar Cheer - 3 6 Mafia (Atlanta East)

    Small Senior 4

    ACX Jags - Divas
    Brandon Allstars - Sapphire
    California All Stars - Classics (Mesa)
    Celebrity Cheer - Vogue
    Cheer Athletics - GalactiCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Athletics - RegalCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Central Suns - Shade (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Extreme - Senior 4lite (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme - Xclusive (Richmond)
    Connect Cheer NW - Steel
    ICE - Storm (Indianapolis)
    Rockstar Cheer - En Vogue (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - Lady Gaga (Rhode Island)
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Queens
    Star Athletics - Sr.Black
    Stingray All Stars - Frost (Marietta)
    Stingray All Stars - Rose Gold (Cartersville)
    Top Gun - Rifles (SW)
    Woodlands Elite - Apaches (Humble)
    Woodlands Elite - Strykers (Katy)
    World Elite - Lady Luxury

    Medium Senior 4

    California All Stars - Golden Guns (Livermore)
    California All Stars - S4 (Camarillo)
    California All Stars - S4 (San Marcos)
    Cheer Athletics - Sassycats (Plano)
    Cheer Central Suns - Lady Rays (Englewood)
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    East Celebrity Elite (Tewksbury)
    FAME - Vixens (Virginia Beach)
    Rockstar Cheer - Cheetah Girls (Charleston)
    Rockstar Cheer - Twister Sister (Jacksonville)
    Star Athletics - Sr.Slate
    Stingray All Stars - Ice (Marietta)

    International Senior 4

    Cheer Central Suns - Golden Girls (Lafayette)
    Cheer Extreme - Queens (Charlotte, NC)
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Twilight (Baton Rouge)
    Steele Athletics- Kryptonite

    Small Senior Coed 4

    California All Stars - Blackjacks (Las Vegas)
    Cheer Athletics - ObsidianCats (Austin)
    East Celebrity Elite- Hollywood (CT)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Ice
    Rockstar Cheer - Bombshel (Atlanta South)
    Rockstar Cheer - Van Halen (Lake Norman)

    Medium Senior Coed 4

    California All Stars - Onyx (Ontario)
    California All Stars - Swagg (Livermore)
    Cheer Athletics - Prowlers (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - C4 (Kernersville)
    Infiniti Athletics-Steel
    Rain Athletics - Drizzle
    Twist and Shout - Senior Euphoria (Tulsa)
    Woodlands Elite - Delta Force (Oak Ridge)

    International Senior Coed 4

    Small Junior 4

    California All Stars - Fierce 4 (San Marcos)
    California All Stars - J Club (Las Vegas)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Swat Team
    Champion Cheer - Fusion
    Cheer Athletics - Bengals (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - DynastyCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - GalaxyCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Extreme - Junior 4lite (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme - Junior Clique (Richmond)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Firebirds
    Cheerville Athletics
    Connect Cheer NW - Platinum
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    GymTyme - Crush (Illinois)
    ICE - Heat Wave (Indianapolis)
    HotCheer - Quad Squad
    Rockstar Cheer - Spice Girls (Greenville)
    Stars Vipers- Boomslang 4 (Schertz)
    Stars Vipers - Corals
    State Allstars
    Top Gun
    Top Gun - Bomb sQUAD (SW)
    Top Gun - Rampage (Arizona)
    Twist and Shout - Junior Dream (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Green Berets (Humble)
    World Cup - Inferno (Lancaster)
    World Cup - Starburst (Freehold)

    Medium Junior 4

    Brandon Allstars - Silver
    California All Stars - Covert (Livermore)
    California All Stars - Sable (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - RubyCats (Austin)
    Cheer Athletics - Thundercats (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Diamonds (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme - Junior Bombs (Kernersville)
    East Celebrity Elite- Covergirls (Tewksbury)
    ICE - Fourcast (Barrington)
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Rouge
    Spirit of Texas - Royal Gurlzz
    Stingray All Stars - Platinum (Marietta)
    Woodlands Elite - Bomb Squad (Katy)
    Woodlands Elite - Majors (Oak Ridge)

    International Junior 4

    All Star One- Junior Bang
    Cheer Athletics - Tigers (Plano)
    ICE - Rays (Detroit)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Steel
    Rockstar Cheer - Xscape (Rockstar East)
    Stars Vipers- Junior Corals (Austin)
    Stingray All Stars - Sapphire (Johns Creek)
    Vancouver Allstars - Lady Lava

    International Junior Coed 4

    ICE - Rays (Detroit)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Typhoon (San Jose)

    Small Youth 4

    Medium Youth 4

    Small Senior 4.2

    ACX Twisters - Lady Eclipse
    All Star One-Explosives
    Bay State - Sizzle
    Cheer Athletics - CrownCats (Charlotte)
    East Celebrity Elite- Rockstars (CT)
    GymTyme - Spark (Illinois)
    ICE - Midnight (Barrington)
    Rain Athletics - Electric
    Top Gun - Combat (Arizona)
    Twist and Shout - Senior Destiny (Edmond)

    Medium Senior 4.2

    California All Stars - 4.2 (Mesa)
    California All Stars - Queens (Las Vegas)
    East Celebrity Elite (Tewksbury)
    Maine Stars - Inferno
    Stingray All Stars - UV (Marietta)

    Small Senior Coed 4.2

    Cheer Extreme - Coldfront (Sanford)
    Cheer Extreme - Divinity (Charlotte)
    Infiniti Athletics-Cobalt
    Nor*Cal Elite - Poseidon (San Ramon)
    Woodlands Elite - Predators (Humble)

    Medium Senior Coed 4.2

    ______ Level 3______

    Small Senior 3

    Bay State - SHAD3
    Cheer Athletics - LunaCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Central Suns - Fire (Fort Collins)
    Cheer Central Suns - Illuminate (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Extreme - Lady Jade (Richmond)
    Cheer Extreme - Rage (Chicago)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Lady Birds
    East Celebrity Elite- Sapphires (Tewksbury)
    Jersey Pride - Honor
    Prodigy All-Stars - Blue Flame
    Rockstar Cheer - Journey (Arizona)
    Rockstar Cheer - The Temptations (Rhode Island)
    Rockstar Cheer - Whitesnake (Lake Norman)
    Star Athletics - Sr. White
    Top Gun - Reloaded (Arizona)
    Woodlands Elite - Prowlers (Oak Ridge)
    WorldCup - Horizon
    World Elite - Sensation

    Medium Senior 3

    Brandon Allstars - Platinum
    California All Stars - Pink (Livermore)
    California All Stars - Platinum (Ontario)
    California All Stars - Resp3ct (San Marcos)
    California All Stars - Spice (Mesa)
    Cheer Athletics - DivinityCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - Firecats (Plano)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Knockout
    Eat Celebrity Elite (Londonderry)
    ICE - Super Cell (Indianapolis)
    Rockstar Cheer - 3 Doors Down (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - Flo Rida (Jacksonville)
    Rockstar Cheer Lady A (Cleveland)
    Star Athletics - Sr. Gold
    Stingray All Stars - Lime (Marietta)

    International Senior 3

    Small Senior Coed 3

    Cheer Athletics - SlateCats (Austin)
    Cheer Central Suns - Torch (Lafayette)
    Cheer Extreme - Gucci (Chattanooga)
    Connect Cheer NW - Smoke
    ICE - Cyclones (Aurora)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Hades (San Jose)
    Rockstar Cheer - Fall Out Boy (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - Scorpions (Holly Springs)
    Rockstar Cheer - Smashing Pupmkins (Greenville)
    Stars Vipers- Boas (Schertz)
    Stingray All Stars - Jet (Johns Creek)
    Stingray All Stars - Navy (Marietta)
    Twist and Shout - Senior Courage (Norman)

    Medium Senior Coed 3

    All Star One- Sky Lights
    Cheer Central Suns - Helios (Englewood)
    Cheer Extreme - Coex (Kernersville)
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Sass
    State Allstars - Swag3
    Twist and Shout - Senior Ivy (Muskogee)
    USA Wildcats

    International Senior Coed 3

    Small Junior 3

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Lady Diamonds
    California All Stars - J3 (Camarillo)
    California All Stars - Pistols (Mesa)
    Cheer Athletics - EmpressCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Central Suns -Fury (Fort Collins)
    Cheer Central Suns - Sparkle (Englewood)
    Cheer Central Suns - Ultraviolet (Lafayette)
    Cheer Extreme - Vogue (Chicago)
    Cheer Extreme - Weathergirls (Sanford)
    Cheer Force Arkansas (MockingJays)
    East Celebrity Elite- Aces (Tewksbury)
    FAME - Glam (Virginia Beach)
    Florida Top Dog - Riptide
    GymTyme - Secret (Illinois)
    Jersey Pride - Freedom
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion - Hot Shots
    Nor*Cal Elite - Luna (San Jose)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Slate
    Rockstar Cheer - 21 Savage (Jacksonville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Black Eyed Peas (Atlanta South)
    Rockstar Cheer - Jade (Atlanta East)
    Rockstar Cheer - Pink Floyd (Holly Springs)
    Rockstar Cheer - The Sugar Hill Gang (Rhode Island)
    Rockstar Cheer - Twisted Sister (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - Wondergirls (Charleston)
    Stingray All Stars - Breeze (Cartersville)
    Top Gun - AK3 (SW)
    Twist and Shout - Junior Wisdom (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Bullets (Humble)
    Woodlands Elite - Spartans (Katy)
    World Elite - Supremacy

    Medium Junior 3

    California All Stars - J3 (San Marcos)
    California All Stars - J Fab (Livermore)
    California All Stars - J Money (Las Vegas)
    California All Stars - Slate (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - Icecats (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - JewelCats (Austin)
    Cheer Athletics - NebulaCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Extreme - Glamour Queens (Maryland)
    Cheer Extreme - Golden Girls (Richmond)
    Connect Cheer NW - Copper
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    ICE - Twilight (Barrington)
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Pink (Baton Rouge)
    Maine Stars - Flame
    Rain Athletics - 'Brellas
    Rockstar Cheer - Kiss (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Poison (Atlanta)
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Aces
    Star Athletics - Junior Gold
    Stars Vipers- Red Hot Mambas ( Schertz)
    Stingray All Stars - Scarlet (Marietta)
    Twist and Shout - Junior Judges (Tulsa)
    Woodlands Elite - Captains (Oak Ridge)

    International Junior 3

    Cheer Athletics - Lightningcats (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Legends (Salem)
    Cheerville Athletics - Phantom
    ICE - Suns (Detroit)
    Infiniti Athletics-Ruby
    Nor*Cal Elite - Muse (San Ramon)
    Pro Athletics - Divas
    USA Wildcats

    Small Youth 3

    All Star One- Little Lights
    Brandon Allstars - Rose
    Central Jersey Allstars - Young Gunz
    Cheer Athletics - PrincessCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Central Suns - Dazzle (Englewood)
    Connect Cheer NW - Jade
    East Celebrity Elite (Tewksbury)
    Jersey Pride - Patriettes
    Prodigy All-Stars - Electric
    State Allstars
    Top Gun - Airstrike (Arizona)
    Top Gun - Snipers (SW)
    Woodlands Elite - Avengers (Humble)
    Woodlands Elite - Stealth (Oak Ridge)
    World Cup - Ozone (Lancaster)

    Medium Youth 3

    Cheer Athletics - Lions (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Glitter Penguins (Kernersville)
    Stingray All Stars - Black (Marietta)
    Woodlands Elite - Phantom (Katy)

    ______ Level 2______

    Small Senior 2

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Turquoise
    California All Stars - Senior Silver (San Marcos)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Outlaws
    Cheer Athletics - CometCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Athletics - MonarchCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Central Suns - Dawn (Englewood)
    Cheer Central Suns - Flash (Fort Collins)
    Cheer Extreme - Bombshells (Richmond)
    Cheer Extreme - Fab (Chicago)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Teal
    East Celebrity Elite- Tewksbury
    Florida Top Dog - Surge
    ICE - Tidal Wave (Indianapolis)
    Jersey Pride - Independence
    Prodigy All-Stars - Blizzard
    Rockstar Cheer - Eagles (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Pink (Atlanta South)
    Star Athletics - Senior Onyx
    Stingray All Stars - Obsidian (Johns Creek)
    Woodlands Elite - Admirals (Katy)
    World Cup - Axis (Lancaster)
    World Cup - Infinity (Freehold)
    Island Elite - Mystic (Canada)

    Medium Senior 2

    Brandon Allstars - Cocoa
    Broward Elite - Fierce Katz
    California All Stars - Bluettes (Livermore)
    California All Stars - S2 (Camarillo)
    Cheer Athletics - Sabres (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - White Diamonds (Richmond)
    Cheer Xpress - Extreme
    Connect Cheer NW - Scarlet
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    FAME - Sirens (Virginia Beach)
    Infiniti Athletics-Scarlett
    Nor*Cal Elite - Electra (San Jose)
    Stingray All Stars - Pink (Marietta)

    International Senior 2

    Small Junior 2

    Bay State - Super Storm
    Brandon Allstars - Blush (North)
    Brandon Allstars - Mint (Orlando)
    C4 Longhorns
    California All Stars - ShootAZ (Mesa)
    California All Stars - Steel (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - JadeCats (Austin)
    Cheer Athletics - Leopards (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - MajestiCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer St. Louis - Domination
    East Celebrity Elite (Londonberry)
    Fire and Ice - Ice Angels (MArs)
    GymTyme - Sugar (Illinois)
    ICE - Avalance (Barrington)
    ICE - Twisters (Aurora)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Ares (San Ramon)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Blue Diamond
    Rockstar Cheer - Creed (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - Future (Jacksonville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Kid Rock (Rhode Island)
    Rockstar Cheer - Radiohead (Arizona)
    Rockstar Cheer - Rush (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - Sapphires (Atlanta South)
    Rockstar Cheer - Veronicas (Charleston)
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Diamonds
    Stars Vipers- Nightsnakes (Austin)
    State Allstars
    Stingray All Stars - Onyx (Johns Creek)
    Top Gun - CO2 (Arizona)
    Top Gun - J-Dub (Orlando)
    Twist and Shout - Junior A-Team (Muskogee)
    Twist and Shout - Junior Triumph (Tulsa)
    Twist and Shout - Junior Trust (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Officers (Oak Ridge)
    World Cup - Revolution (Lancaster)
    World Elite - Authority

    Medium Junior 2

    California All Stars - Deuces (Las Vegas)
    California All Stars - J2 Crew (Livermore)
    California All Stars - Reign (San Marcos)
    Cheer Athletics - CosmicCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Athletics - Katz (Plano)
    Connect Cheer NW - Gold
    Nor*Cal Elite - Cupid (San Jose)
    Star Athletics - Junior White
    Stars Vipers- Rattler Reign (Schertz)
    Stingray All Stars - Gray (Marietta)
    Woodlands Elite - Rangers (Katy)

    International Junior 2

    ACX Twisters-Crush
    Bravo Allstars-Covergirls
    Bravo Allstars-Passion
    Champion Allstars-Smokin Aces
    Cheer Athletics - AresCats (Colombus)
    Cheer Extreme- (Chicago)
    Cheer Extreme - Diamonds (Salem)
    Extreme Cheer & Tumble-Aftershock
    Impact One Allstars-Courage
    Impact One Allstars-Passion
    Infiniti Athletics-Onyx
    Liberty Cheer-Revolution
    Power Clovis- Lady Peace
    Rain Athletics-Weather Girls
    Southwest Allstars-Comets
    Zero Gravity Athletics-Venus

    Small Youth 2

    Bay State - Shockwave
    Champion Cheer - Lava Girls
    Cheer Athletics - EnchantiCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - Ocelots (Plano)
    Cheer Central Suns - Glitter (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Extreme - Lucky Charms (Chicago)
    Cheer Extreme - Teal Tiaras (Richmond)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Thunderbirds
    Connect Cheer NW - Rose
    East Celebrity Elite- Premier (CT)
    FAME - Socialites (Virginia Beach)
    Florida Top Dog - Flurry
    Jersey Pride - Brave
    Louisiana Cheer Force - Diamonds
    Prodigy All-Stars - Sapphire
    Rain Athletics - Haze
    Rockstar Cheer - Bangles (Greenville)
    Spirit of Texas - Purple Hearts
    Stingray All Stars - Ember (Cartersville)
    Twist and Shout - Youth Hope (Norman)
    Woodlands Elite - Raiders (Katy)
    World Elite - Fearless

    Medium Youth 2

    California All Stars - Cobalt (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - AstroCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Athletics - Cougars (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - SapphireCats (Austin)
    East Celebrity Elite (Tewksbury)
    Infiniti Athletics-Crimson
    Maine Stars - Spark
    Stingray All Stars - Red (Marietta)
    Twist and Shout - Youth Love (Edmond)
    Woodlands Elite - Lieutenants (Oak Ridge)

    Small Mini 2

    Bay State - Downpour
    Cheer Athletics - Cubs (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Hot Tamales (Richmond)
    Cheer Extreme - Mini Elite (Kernersville)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Robins
    Cheer Xpress - Matrix
    East Celebrity Elite- Paparazzi (Oakdale)
    East Celebrity Elite- M2 (Tewksbury)
    New York Icons- shooting stars (Rochester)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Sky
    Rockstar Cheer - Monkees (Greenville)
    State Allstars
    Woodlands Elite - Mini Ops (Katy)
    World Elite - Glam Girls

    Medium Mini 2

    Stingray All Stars - Coconut (Marietta)

    ______ Level 1______

    Small Senior 1

    Brandon Allstars - Slate
    California All Stars - Vogue (Mesa)
    California All Stars - Wildcards (Las Vegas)
    Cheer Athletics - Arctic Cats (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Lime Ladies (Richmond)
    Fire & Ice - Popsicles (Mars)
    Nor*Cal Elite - Athena (San Jose)
    Rockstar Cheer - Sublime (Rhode Island)
    Stingray All Stars - Rock (Johns Creek)
    Stingray All Stars - Rose (Marietta)

    Medium Senior 1

    California All Stars - Crystal (Ontario)
    California All Stars - Deja Blue (Livermore)
    California All Stars - White Gold (San Marcos)
    Connect Cheer NW - Teal
    Infiniti Athletics-Crimson

    International Senior 1

    Small Junior 1

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Ruby
    Bay State - Shadow
    C4 Longhorns
    California All Stars - Junior Pink (Camarillo)
    Central Jersey Allstars - Junior Ammo
    Cheer Athletics - Bearkatz (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - DuchessCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - SolarCats (Frisco)
    Cheer St. Louis - Honor
    Nor*Cal Elite - Pandora (San Ramon)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Neon
    Rockstar Cheer - B52's (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - Black Crowes (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Rich Kidz (Atlanta South)
    Rockstar Cheer - The Cure (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - VIPs (Atlanta East)
    Star Athletics - Junior Chrome
    Stars Vipers- Pythons (Schertz)
    Top Gun - A1M (Arizona)
    Woodlands Elite - Calvary (Katy)
    World Cup - Mission (Lancaster)

    Medium Junior 1

    California All Stars - Blush (San Marcos)
    Champion Cheer - Inferno
    Cheer Extreme - Aces (Kernersville)
    Connect Cheer NW - Cobalt
    Rockstar Cheer - Lumineers (Holly Springs)
    Stingray All Stars - Kiwi (Marietta)
    Top Gun

    International Junior 1

    Brandon Allstars - Spark
    Cheer Central Suns - Heat (Englewood)
    Cheer Central Suns - Light (Lafayette)
    Cheer Extreme - Royalty (Charlotte)
    World Elite - iNTENSiTY

    Small Youth 1

    ACX Twisters - Chaos
    Cheer Athletics - AristoCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - EmeraldCats (Austin)
    Cheer Athletics - MeteorCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Central Suns - Shimmer (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Central Suns - Sundaes (Lafayette)
    Cheer Extreme - Glam (Chicago)
    Cheer Extreme - Purple Crowns (Richmond)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Royals
    East Celebrity Elite- Stardust (CT)
    Fire & Ice - Ice Cubes (Mars)
    Infiniti Athletics-Electric
    Jersey Pride - 1st Ladies
    Nor*Cal Elite - Iris (San Jose)
    Rain Athletics - Mist
    Rockstar Cheer - Dixie Chicks (Rhode Island)
    Rockstar Cheer - Quiet Riot (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - Outkast (Charleston)
    Rockstar Cheer - Sugarland (Atlanta)
    Rockstar Cheer - The Doors (Cleveland)
    Rockstar Cheer - Ting Tings (Greenville)
    Stingray All Stars - Coral (Johns Creek)
    Top Gun - Target (Arizona)
    Twist and Shout - Youth Flash (Muskogee)
    Twist and Shout - Youth Victory (Tulsa)
    Woodlands Elite - Marshals (Humble)

    Medium Youth 1

    California All Stars - Cadets (Livermore)
    California All Stars - Sapphire (Ontario)
    Cheer Athletics - Kittykatz (Plano)
    Cheer Extreme - Passion (Maryland)
    Connect Cheer NW - Peach
    Rockstar Cheer - ZZTop (Holly Springs)
    Star Athletics - Youth Black
    Stingray Allstars - Kiwi (Marietta)
    Woodlands Elite - Seabees (Oak Ridge)
    Infiniti Athletics-Electric

    Small Mini 1

    Almaden Spirit Athletics- Tanzanite
    Brandon Allstars - Gold
    Brandon Allstars - Garnet (North)
    California All Stars - Mini Elite (San Marcos)
    Cheer Athletics - Bobcats (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - Meteorites (Frisco)
    Cheer Athletics - TiaraCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Central Suns - Fireflies (Fort Collins)
    Cheer Central Suns - Starlites (Lafayette)
    Cheer Central Suns - Sun Drops (Englewood)
    Cheer Extreme - Mini Crush (MD)
    Cheer Extreme - Strawberry Shortcake (Richmond)
    Cheer Extreme - TiaraCats (Charlotte)
    Cheer Extreme (Sanford)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Angels
    Cheerville Athletics - Monstars
    Connect Cheer NW - Glitter
    East Celebrity Elite- Cherry Bombs (Tewksbury)
    East Celebrity Elite - Magnitude (Central)
    East Celebrity Elite (East Windsor)
    East Celebrity Elite (Hingham)
    FAME - Mini Minions (Virginia Beach)
    Florida Top Dog - Drizzle
    ICE - Frostbites (Aurora)
    Prodigy All-Stars - Royal
    Rockstar Cheer - Beegees (Atlanta South)
    Rockstar Cheer - Goo Goo Dolls (Greenville)
    Rockstar Cheer - TLC (Rhode Island)
    Stars Vipers - Sneaky Snakes
    Step 1 Allstars - Mighty
    Stingray All Stars - Peppermint (Marietta)
    Top Gun - Mini Militia (Arizona)
    Twist and Shout - Mini Grace (Edmond)
    Twist and Shout - Mini Miracles (Norman)
    USA Wildcats
    World Cup - Mission (Lancaster)
    World Cup - Supernovas (Freehold)
    World Elite - Sassy

    Medium Mini 1

    Top Gun - Mini Jags
    Top Gun - Pellets (SW)

    Tiny 1

    ACX Jags - Super Cubz
    Bay State - Lightning
    Brandon Allstars - Pearls
    Brandon Allstars - Shimmer
    Brandon Allstars - Shine (North)
    Cheer Athletics - Clawstle Kittens (Charlotte)
    Cheer Athletics - Itty Bitty Kitties (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - TinKitty's (Pittsburgh)
    Cheer Athletics - TwinkleCats (Frisco)
    Cheer Central Suns - Capri Suns (Alberquerque)
    Cheer Central Suns - Sun Flowers (Fort Collins)
    Cheer Extreme - Divas (Maryland)
    Cheer Extreme - Tiny Turtles (Raleigh)
    Cheer Extreme - Tinys (Salem)
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Peeps
    Cheer Force Arkansas - Talons
    East Celebrity Elite (East Windsor)
    East Celebrity Elite (Londonberry)
    East Celebrity Elite- Tiny Shells (Tewksbury)
    FAME - MonStars (Virginia Beach)
    FAME - Tiny Elite (Midlothian)
    HotCheer - Red Hots
    ICE - Rain Drops (Pittsburgh)
    ICE - Twinkles (Detroit)
    Jersey Pride - Belles
    New Jersey Spirit Explosion - Hotties
    Rockstar - One Direction (Jacksonville)
    Rockstar Cheer - Wiggles (Greenville)
    State Allstars
    Stingray All Stars - Grape (Marietta)
    Top Gun (Ammos (SW)
    Top Gun - Point Blank Jags (Arizona)
    Top Gun - Squirts (Miami)
    Top Gun - TGTC (Orlando)
    USA Wildcats
    World Cup - Orbits
    World Cup - Twilights (Freehold)
    World Elite - Boss Babes

    Tiny Novice

    Cheer Athletics - Kittycubs (Plano)
    Cheer Athletics - Show Kittens (Plano)
    East Celebrity Elite- Baby Bombs (Tewksbury)
    Jersey Pride - Starlettes
    Rockstar Cheer - Pistol Annie's (Lake Norman)
    Rockstar Cheer - Wiggles (Greenville)
    State Allstars

    _____Special Needs_____