CheerSport Survival Guide

Mar 28, 2011
CheerSport Survival Guide
  • Use this guide to help you get the most out of CheerSport!

    [H3]Watching Routines Online[/H3]
    CheerSport does not have a live feed of their competition, but they do record and put up routines rather quickly on DartFish. It costs $19.95 for a year subscription to see all the routines online.

    CheerSport will have a website posting results as soon as they are tabulated. This site will be easily accessible from any smart phone.

    [H3]What To Bring:[/H3]

    Phone Charger (if you are going to be there all day and may not have the best reception)
    Comfortable Shoes (if you're an avid fan, you will be running all over and need comfortable shoes. Flip flops definitely won't be comfortable. And Uggs aren't made to stand in all day and be comfortable)

    You will be completely overwhelmed if you come into the arenas without a plan. Print out or buy a schedule and make a plan on who you want to see on which day. Additionally know from the beginning that you cannot and will not see it all!

    Cash. If memory serves me correctly ATMs are hard to find. Someone may correct me but that is something I had trouble with.

    [H3]What To Expect:[/H3]

    If you want to see a team that everyone else in the arena wants to see as well, arrive early.
    Cheersport is usually always on time! Don't expect to stroll in 3 minutes later than a performance time and expect to see the team you were hoping to.

    [H3]Local Restaurants[/H3]

    These are some good local restaurants to try and their websites:
    There are Starbucks stands with the basics throughout the GWCC and there is one main Starbucks near the main entrance. However, it is not uncommon for the line to be a minimum of 45 minutes - an hour long, so plan with a LOT of extra time if you will be waiting in line. If last year is an indicator for this year, the staff will not move any more quickly if there is one or 100 people in line.

    The CNN center has lots of food and a sports bar for dads that may need a break.
    While in the CNN center, notice the floor, it is a world map. The major cities are located by a gold medallion. Kinda cool.

    There is a BREAKFAST BUFFET at the GWCC in the restaurant when you first enter. Last year, they had screens showing live performances from certain floors:)

    The Hard Rock Cafe is a great restaurant if you want to go outside of the arena. It's only a couple blocks away from where you compete. I recommend to go with a group of 4+ people because they bigger the group the more fun the place gets.

    Across the street from the arena, next to the CNN center, is Taco Mac. Great restaurant and really close if you want something that's not a food court.

    Taco Mac also has a HUGE selection of adult beverages for the parents. You can take the kids as well, it is a great restaurant.

    [H3]Go on Friday:[/H3]

    Ticket lines and most Cheersport mall booths are open Friday afternoon and night. You can beat all the long lines and occasionally sold out items by getting them on Friday.