1. Here is a general list of rules for moderators:
    - Mods are evaluated at the end of every Summer
    - Mods are expected to sign on with decent regularity. A mod signing on for a period of a month loses moderator abilities.
    - Goal to have no more than one mod representative per gym / area / group
    - Always let discussions go on as long as they can before they need to be closed. It is ok if they are uncomfortable and do your best to keep the conversation rolling.
    - We do not delete or edit peoples posts as much as possible. This causes distrust in the community as well makes it so people do not stand behind what they say.
    - We do our best to protect minors who might be singled out not on their own accord. Any minor 'embracing' the cheerlebrity status is exempt of this.
    - Always do your best, always try and better, never abuse your power, and try and have fun! :)
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Scoresheets by Event Producer

Oct 3, 2012
Scoresheets by Event Producer