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  1. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star Cheerleading will not be in the 2028 Olympics 🚫 (+ showcase videos & Cali showcase cancellation)

    Cheerleading will not be in the 2028 Olympics The International Olympic Committee has officially accepted five new sports for the 2028 Olympic Games - and cheerleading is not one of them. We’ve updated our article all about cheerleading’s road to the Olympics, which you can find here. We...
  2. T

    All-Star Thoughts/prayers for Kylie Thompson(former Cali Allstars athlete)

    Everyone please keep Kylie Thompson in your thoughts and prayers. She is one of my older sisters good friends .(they meet through allstar cheer, when they were younger and became what I call long distance cheer besties.) she went into cardiac arrest late Saturday and is currently in critical...
  3. madibicko13

    Cali Allstars Jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone I'm desperate for a Cali allstars warm up jacket size medium. I'm willing to pay for everything including postage. I'm just a really big fan and because I'm in Australia it's really hard to get a hold of one. If you need to get on to me email me: [email protected] thank you.
  4. K

    Iso Cheer Pins & Selling A 2013 Worlds Ring And Cali Black Ops Uniform

    ISO VARSITY CHEER PINS 1. The "Fear the Bow" Pin 2. The "2013 National Champion" Pin 3. The "Cheerleader By Day, Ninja By Night "Pin 4. The "I Cheer For Bacon" Pin 5. The "I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle" Pin Will pay high prices for these! Need these for my collection! Selling!! - I am currently...
  5. cherita.cheerology

    All-Star Cea/cali Showcase Review

    Let's discuss!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ETA: removed original link ~ nj
  6. icame2WERQ

    All-Star Cali - The Wiz / The Wizard Of Oz Theme

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i remember hearing on soundcloud .. the wiz/ the wizard of oz theme by one of cali's teams. Could someone send me a video or their music. THANKS!
  7. torycf

    All-Star Cali Ghost Recon Lost Their Paid Bid?

    Can someone confirm? I was told they had too many cross overs from Black Ops...
  8. crazzyeyesassypants

    All-Star Cali Finale (april 16-17)

    What gyms are attending? I wonder if this is going to be a small comp since its in Bakersfield [emoji15] and so late in the season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. CoachTamara

    High School Calling All Cali Coaches...

    Can we please discuss the implications of becoming a sport next season? Our school is trying to be proactive, but I'm curious how other schools are going to implement these changes. Will sideline still be considered a sport for your school? Do you compete? If you do STUNT, where will this...
  10. C

    Selling Cali Worlds Uniforms, Ca Panthers, Fabric Cheer Bows + More!!

    animecraze96 | eBay ^^ the eBay link :) ** Also selling a cheerleading worlds lanyard
  11. calicheerchic

    Selling Cali, Tg, Ca, Cea, Rays: Apparel, Bows, N More

    All apparel and items are in great condition. Prices listed below (does not include shipping). Click on the link to view items. Serious inquiries only, please contact me by email or kik. Email: [email protected] Kik: deisha.bareng EVERYTHING MUST GO! MISCELLANEOUS * design bows: $20...
  12. xoxomadi

    Topgun, Cheer Athletics, Cali, Nike & More

    Hey there! I still have oodles of cheer apparel and Nike Pros as well as sports bras sizes YL through to AL that needs to go as soon as possible. Prices starting as low as $4. Reply to this thread if interested!
  13. MissCongeniality

    Cali Lady Bullets, Black Ops And Other Cheer Stuff For Sale

    Check out Instagram - Ashleyscheerclothes CHEER CLOTHES SALE (@ashleyscheerclothes) • Instagram photos and videosCHEER CLOTHES SALE (@ashleyscheerclothes) • Instagram photos and videos California Allstars, World Cup, Maryland Twisters, Top Gun, GBE, Worlds etc. Shirts, shorts, spankies, sports...
  14. _xoashley

    Selling Cali, Ca, & F5

    I recently moved and could really use the money, so I decided to sell my old cheer stuff that I probably won't use again. I'm from the California Allstars, so I have a ton of stuff from there - anything from sports bras, to tshirts, to backpacks, to practice sets, etc. I also have a Cheer...
  15. C

    Selling Cali Uniforms/ Practicewear

    If you are interested, let me know and I'll list on Poshmark or eBay :) Ask for Sizes but mostly Adult Small. Prices may be cheaper on ebay. comment for details Bundita's Closet on Poshmark - @bundita
  16. Rachchi

    Selling Cali & Big Gym Sports Bras, Shirts, Bows, Backpack

    I no longer cheer for California Allstars and have a ton of old barely worn sports bras, bows, spanks, shirts and a backpack! I also have some cheer athletics and top gun apparel. I'm in college now and could use the money. Please check out the photobucket link for the pictures and prices...
  17. Eliza♥

    Selling: F5, Ca, Cali, Az Power, Tg, Nfinity, Stunt Stand, Uniforms, + More!

    I have a ton of stuff on my poshmark for sale since I quit cheer! I'm willing to bundle and discount as well! Kik: ca_eliza for any questions, or message me on here. I'm still in the process of adding more stuff so check back again! I have sizes YL-AM. Click here for my poshmark! Some of the...
  18. cali_brianna

    Cali Shorts

    I have the practice clothes last year for California allstars ALL for sale. (The 2 sports bras) (1 reversible) and the 2 pairs of shorts. Kik me at : _briyonce__ (2 underscores at the end) Need them gone ASAP! Please talk to me for price!
  19. S

    Selling Cali!

    Hi guys, I have a few cali bits to sell that I don't wear anymore. -2 strap cali bra - AS -Cali practice tank from last year - AS but it accidentally went in the washing machine and has lost a few stones -Black Cali sports bra - AM My kik is maddiesecondkik if anyone wants to see pictures or buy!
  20. Carrie

    Sot, Ca, Cea, Rays, Cali, And Others For Sale

    Hello everyone, Please ignore all prices, all shirts are $5 and all sports bras are $10. We really need to get rid of these to make room for more stuff! Let me know if you are interested by DMing me. Cam's (lovemecauseofme) Library | Photobucket