1. I

    All-Star Opening A Gym

    Hey everyone if a fellow member would be kind enough to help me out. Can someone go through the process of how you go about starting and opening an allstar gym in my area (California)? The USASF page is vague. I need it in Step 1, step 2 sort of order.
  2. Cristinap75

    High School Free State Funded Summer Cheer Camps For Southern Ca Teams.

    Hi everyone, We are offering a free 3 day 2 night cheer camp again this summer at the Westin Inn at Rancho Mirage for summer 2019. We only have a few spots left so pre register early! Last year was a blast! Check out the website for more info at Southern California Cheer Camps | Elite Spirit...
  3. S

    High School Cif - Sunday

    Hey friends, I have been seeing the CIF sunday petition floating around online today and was wondering what is occurring currently since the waiver has not yet been granted.. Specifically with UCA Nationals in mind. Finals for most divisions are still scheduled for Sunday. Are CA teams...
  4. C

    Gyms And Teams

    Hello I’m new to Fierce Board and I wanted to know if there is any California gyms/teams and peeps in here. I’m in Northern California.
  5. Forever Xclusive

    Selling Equipment

    Located in South Bay Area California - have a 12ft by42 ft spring floor runway . Birch wood looking to sell with carpet bonded foam mats . - comes with extra would boards . Looking to get rid of ASAP $3000 with mats Mats & $1200 ($600each) Spring Floor $1800 OBO
  6. Flexiii_Lexiii

    All-Star Cheerpros?

    Does anyone know anything about the CheerPros competitions? My gym is competing there this weekend and in all my years of cheer I've never attended a CheerPros competition. I went on their website and couldn't even find a schedule, but from the looks of what we got sent, it's only about a 5 hour...