1. Cheerleader.Base.Cassidy

    High School Injury

    Help! So two days ago I found out I got I have tendinitis in my right wrist and yesterday I felt the same thing in my left wrist while stunting! We have competition tomorrow in Nashville TN what can I do to help from hurting my wrists anymore? I am a base and I intended on still being one. What...
  2. Kentucky Girl

    College 2022 Uca College Nationals

    Will see be seeing more teams competing in 2022 compared to this year?
  3. A

    Virtual Competitions?

    Does anyone know of any virtual competitions that take solo participants?
  4. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star What Will Competitions Be Like In 2021?

  5. J

    Custom Cheer Signs

    Custom cheer signs!! Let us help you!! Custom Signs Made to Order by CreativeSignsByRusty on Etsy
  6. J

    Custom Cheer Signs

    We’d love to help you with your cheer signs! Take a look at our shop! Custom Signs Made to Order by CreativeSignsByRusty on Etsy
  7. J

    Cheer Signs

    Hi everyone! I want to share our Etsy store with you! We make cheer signs! Take a look at our store! Custom Signs Made to Order by CreativeSignsByRusty on Etsy
  8. Body Glitz

    Cheer/dance/gymnastics Makeup

    Hello everyone, What companies/brands do you recommend for beginner makeup (glitter/lipstick/eyeliner) for our daughter who is under 12 who wants to apply makeup? What is the standard look for performance makeup?
  9. Kentucky Girl

    High School Bodyliners

    Why do female cheerleaders wear long-sleeved bodyliners under their shell tops while competing?
  10. R

    Shoe Tags

    This year I’m a flyer on my middle school cheer team that also competes. I know one of the girls wears one of those rubber shoe tags on her cheer shoes to comps. Does anybody know if we’re allowed to wear the metal tags on our shoelaces to competitions? Especially as a flyer? Thanks!
  11. R

    Options With Pop Warner

    im currently coaching a competition only pop warner squad in New England. Does anyone know of any other open or invitational competitions I can register my squads for other than the pop warner competitions?
  12. Asha

    The One Cheer Competition

    So I have a question: Our team has a bid to The One and we will be going to the competition in Louisiana next month........What are we in for? Is it crazy like NCA in Dallas was? This particular competition is very new to me as I grew up in the North and we live, and my daughter competes with...
  13. A

    All-Star Looking For Some England Comp Advice!

    Hi Everyone, So some exciting news, my team is considering our first international trip! If we get approved we will be attending the Live Your Legacy International Championship at the O2 in London!!! I'm so excited and have been trying to sus out the Legacy cheer and dance competitions so if...
  14. C

    Usasf-rules Competitions In Europe

    We're trying to gear our gym more towards USASF rules and age grids, however most competitions I've come across in Europe are ECU/ICU based. Already familiar with a handful of wonderful event producers in the UK like FutureCheer and Jamfest who both have one or two competitions outside of the UK...
  15. Summer Yael

    High School Roundoff Tuck On Dead Mat (two Week Limit)

    I already know! PLEASE!!!Don't give me the "Tumbling on dead mat and spring floor are the same talk ." Trust me I KNOW. Anyways I've been consistently throwing roundoff tucks on spring floor for my all-star practices it in total throw about ten each practice, but whenever I get to high school...
  16. Kolleen

    High School Competition Routine Order

    Do you all have a preference for your "order" within your routine? For example, we are used to doing: Opening Jumps Partner Stunts (Sequence) Cheer Transition Element (baskets, etc.) Pyramid Dance I do not want to end with a dance, but I am unsure if we should switch up the rest of the...
  17. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    All-Star Cheer Hair...with Box Braids?

    Need to have my hair like this for comps (in a tight slick ponytail, no poof, can have curls if preferred).: Not really sure how to do it with box braids like this (mine are thinner tho): Any cheerleaders with braids who can help me out?
  18. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    First Competition! (tips Needed)

    Going to my first EVER cheer competition in a few weeks, and I'm super excited but also nervous! Has anybody got any tips for me?
  19. Official OWECheer

    High School Enforcing Correct Tumbling Technique In A High School Program

    HS coaches can be under a lot of pressure (not just from themselves, but from parents, athletes, and the administration) to amass skills as quickly as possible. How does one ensure that their kids aren't rushed through tumbling progressions, but are still able to do decently well competitively...
  20. Cheer Champs Competitions

    All-Star 2016/2017 Royal Competition Dates!

    Cheer Champs Elite, Royalty Theme Cheer Competitions! Where the ELITE Compete to be CROWNED Champions!! Who will be Crowned our Champions? 11/2/16: Crown Jewel Championship - Christian Brothers Academy , Lincroft, NJ 12/18/16: *Castle Battle - Sparta HS, Sparta, NJ 1/29/17: **Reigning Rumble -...