1. G

    High School New Coach ?

    last week my coach announced that this is her last season coaching. she has been the coach for 4 years and the whole team is pretty close with her, this was my first year on the team and I'm really worried about having a new coach. does anyone have any advice about making good first impressions...
  2. Body Glitz

    Cheer Dance Gymnastics Houston, Tx

    Hello everyone, Any recommendations for gyms/training/dance in the houston, tx area. Willing to travel an hour. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Sterling von Shimmer

    Prayers For The C Word

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new here, but I just found out my mom has some pretty advanced cancer. My family and I are devastated, but are dealing with it as best we can and helping her put her recovery first. Unfortunately, for her to do that she will need to take a hiatus from her storied...
  4. Squirrel Trench

    Music New Facebook Group For Music Assistance

    Hello all, I've created a new Facebook group called Music Help for Cheer and Dance Teams. Feel free to bring any questions or comments about cheer or dance team music to the group, no matter whether it's searching for song ideas, music theme, DIY mixing questions, or looking for a super...
  5. AngelsMum24

    All-Star Allegiant Cheer Tryouts May 15th - Manhattan, Ks

    Pledge Your Allegiance at Allegiant Cheer in beautiful Manhattan, Kansas. Our small, family-oriented gym is devoted to building strong, confident athletes in a safe, positive environment where they will develop skills, friendships and memories to last a lifetime! Register today by viewing our...
  6. IzzyFierce

    All-Star Help My Sister Get To Worlds!

    Hey guys! I'm not sure if this is allowed, but... My sister is a competitive cheerleader and dancer, and her team won a bid to Dance Worlds (Its like the super bowl for dance). Shes a senior and this is her last year she can go due to age. On to of getting the bid really late (3 weeks before the...