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  1. W

    High School Thailand Cheer Dance!

  2. Sterling von Shimmer

    College College dance

    On the off chance that anyone pays attention to college dance, does anyone feel like the current trends in choreography have sort of lost their way? I feel like we’re veering away from skills and more toward “WEIRDNESS, THO.” I love LSU hip hop, but their (first place) dance last year was...
  3. Kentucky Girl

    High School How common are high school and college coed dance teams?

    They used to be pretty uncommon.
  4. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star How common are male dancers on all-star dance teams?

    I know that numerous all-star cheerleading squads have male cheerleaders but what about all-star dance teams with male dancers? I know that the majority of high school and college dance teams are all-girl, however.
  5. Sterling von Shimmer

    OT Cheer/dance Show Suggestions

    Since we’re all in quarantine, I thought I’d start a thread about any suggestions for (good) cheer/dance-centric shows to watch if you’ve already binged Cheerleaders, etc. I just found this guy: It focuses on the powerhouse Louisville dance team and even though it’s dance-focused, the...
  6. S

    College Head Cheer And Dance Coach Position Open, Our Lady Of The Lake University, San Antonio, Tx

    Coaches: We are starting a competitive, college cheer and dance program for the fall of 2020 to compete within the NAIA. OLLU is extremely excited about the opportunity to have a scholarship cheer and dance program, and we are actively searching for coaching candidates to apply. Candidates must...
  7. A

    High School Learning A New Dance

    I have to learn a band dance for a game day routine by the end of winter break. I know all the counts already but I have trouble doing the counts to the pace of the song because it’s a fast song are there any tips on how to used to the faster pace of the music
  8. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star How Common Are Coed Dance Teams?

    Most high school and college dance teams tend to be all-female as opposed to numerous cheerleading squads which consist of both males and females. Thoughts?
  9. Body Glitz

    Cheer Dance Gymnastics Houston, Tx

    Hello everyone, Any recommendations for gyms/training/dance in the houston, tx area. Willing to travel an hour. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Body Glitz

    Cheer/dance/gymnastics Makeup

    Hello everyone, What companies/brands do you recommend for beginner makeup (glitter/lipstick/eyeliner) for our daughter who is under 12 who wants to apply makeup? What is the standard look for performance makeup?
  11. Sterling von Shimmer

    All-Star Tglc School Of Dance

    This should be their theme next year. It could be epic. The more I think about this theme, the more I want to see them do it. So if you know how to contact them (email address is oddly difficult to find, I already tried) or are connected to them somehow, please pass this info on because I’d...
  12. Sterling von Shimmer

    High School Usa Dance Nationals?

    Has anyone ever gone? The dance team wants to go next year instead of USA Spirit. In the past I rejected the idea because 1) the comp is relatively new and doesn’t draw a lot of competition, and 2) it’s previously been held in Long Beach (so no Disneyland). However, in recent years more...
  13. R

    Elite Spirit Cheer & Dance (so Cal)

    Ever thought about becoming a camp instructor? Elite Spirit Cheer and Dance wants you to join their family. We are currently looking for highly motivated, energetic, and friendly camp instructors for our Summer 2019. We currently have 4 camps that need to be filled. (We are not an all star gym...
  14. C

    All-Star Cheer And Dance Uniforms

    So I recently got hired as the director of cheer and dance for a minor league football team. After a few meetings, I found that we have NO uniforms. Does anybody know of a person or company that would allow me to create the idea I have in my head. The cheerleaders would be wearing crop top style...
  15. Diane Ringer

    The Open Internatiinal Cheer & Dance Championship

    The OPEN is a NEW event at Universal Orlando Resort, May 3-6, 2018. Our goal is to host an end of year experience in beautiful Orlando, Florida for ALL teams without them having to spend $$$ competing at any qualifying events. Independent EP's have joined forces to bring you this outstanding...
  16. emo_wifey

    All-Star The Open Cheer & Dance Championship

    Just saw this on the other FB. Thoughts? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  17. U

    Dance Clarification – Going To The Performance Surface

    Click For Full Article The correct answer to the Going to the Performance Surface Quiz is Illegal. Rule 6 states: A Supporting Dancer(s) may toss an Executing Dancer provided: a. At least one part of the Executing Dancer’s body is at or below head-level at the highest point of the released...
  18. U

    Dance Quiz – Going To The Performance Surface

    Click For Full Article This week we’ll be taking a look at Groups & Pairs Rule 6 in all Categories.
  19. U

    Dance Clarification – Identify A Skill

    Click For Full Article The correct answer to the Identify a Skill quiz is the skill performed in the video is defined by the USASF Skills Glossary as a pirouette. Although more than one pirouette is performed the definition of a pirouette does not change: Pirouette [peer-o-WET]: (axis...
  20. U

    Dance Quiz – Identify A Skill

    Click For Full Article This week we will be using the glossary to identify a skill performed by an individual.