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  1. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Has Florida replaced Kentucky as the cheerleading hotbed?

    You got UCF (the 2024 UCA Division IA Large Coed Champions), South Florida, Florida State, Bartow and several other top high school and college squads from the Sunshine state.
  2. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Has USF replaced Kentucky as the GOAT of college cheerleading?

    Kentucky has been the dominant college cheerleading team in Division I-A Large Coed but now it seems that South Florida has replaced UK with three titles. Thoughts?
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College Is University of Kentucky a program on the decline?

    Something tells me that the University of Kentucky has been on the wane ever since 2020 while the likes of South Florida, UCF and even Ohio State are on the rise. Thoughts?
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College Any Updates Regarding The University Of Kentucky Coaching Search?

    I heard rumors regarding the possibility of Blake Johnson becoming Kentucky's new cheerleading coach. Any truth to the rumor?
  5. Kentucky Girl

    College Will Kentucky Be Barred From Competing In The 2021 Uca College Nationals?

    Due to the hazing scandal?
  6. oncecoolcoachnowmom

    College Kentucky Cheer Dismisses 4 Coaches Following Hazing Investigation

    Four UK cheerleading coaches fired after hazing investigation, other inappropriate conduct surfaces Four cheerleading coaches with the University of Kentucky have been dismissed from their duties with the program after a three-month investigation found they failed to provide reasonable...
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019-20 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Well the 24-time UCA Division I-A cheerleading champions the University of Kentucky held their annual tryouts this weekend. Is there anybody that you know of is trying out for UK? BTW, several UK cheerleading (including the Wildcat mascot) are graduating this year.
  8. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018-19 University Of Kentucky Tryouts

    I wonder who made the Kentucky blue and white squads? Hmm...
  9. C

    Spring Floor And Tumble Team For Sale In Kentucky

    Gym going out of business Spring floor, Tumble track, foam bonded mats and flexi roll mats for sale. Gym lockers for sale
  10. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Tryouts for the 2017-18 University of Kentucky cheerleading squads are taking place this weekend! Thoughts?
  11. CheerDaily

    University Of Kentucky 2017 Nationals Routine

    Click For Full Article The time is now! It’s time for the UCA College National Championships. Check out this preview of the routine that the UK Cheerleaders will be taking down to sunny Orlando, Florida! Let us know what you think and who you’re hoping to place below in the comments! The post...
  12. MzLyn23

    All-Star Wsf Kentucky 12/10-12/11

    Who's going?
  13. CheerDaily

    Teamleader And The Kentucky Crown Cheer And Dance Championship Announce Partnership

    Click For Full Article TeamLeader has announced its latest partnership with The Kentucky Crown Cheer and Dance Championship. TeamLeader will become the Official Uniform and Merchandise Partner for The Kentucky Crown Cheer and Dance Championship. TeamLeader will provide Championship Merchandise...
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College 2016-17 University Of Kentucky Tryouts

    Anybody or someone that you know are gonna be trying out for the 21-time UCA Division IA Cheerleading Champions the University of Kentucky this weekend?
  15. Kentucky Girl

    College University Of Kentucky's First Championship Routine

    That was back in 1985. It featured tower pyramids and jump overs back then.
  16. CheerDaily

    Video: University Of Kentucky At Camp

    Click For Full Article The University of Kentucky is known as one of the most successful college cheerleading programs in the world. No other college cheerleading team has dominated the UCA National Championships like the University of Kentucky. Incoming freshman, Alejandro Madrigal documented...
  17. Kentucky Girl

    College Petition For Kentucky To Get An All-girl Squad

    Just saw this story on Your thoughts?
  18. Kentucky Girl

    College University Of Kentucky 2015-2016 Tryouts

    Well, University of Kentucky cheerleading tryouts are coming up next month and several cheerleaders (Matej, John, Jordan, Patti, Jacqui, and Juliet) will all be graduating this year and so, UK is gonna have some huge holes to fill but there will no doubt be plenty of very talented cheerleaders...
  19. CheerDaily

    Video: Kentucky Player Accidentally Takes Down Tennessee Vols Cheerleader

    Click For Full Article Close call! Kristen Huskey, a Tennessee Vols cheerleader, was accidentally involved in what looked like an extremely rough incident after Kentucky’s Devin Booker took a hard foul in Tuesday night’s 66-48 victory over Tennessee. Ouch. Kentucky’s Booker took to Twitter...
  20. Aindi

    High School Nca Open Nationals In Kentucky

    Im thinking of having my squad do this next year, we compete at our state competitions and do fairly well, is there anyone out there that goes to this and could give me insight about the competition....