nca nationals

  1. Kentucky Girl

    College 2021 Nca College Nationals

    The order of competition has been released. I don't think the University of Louisville is listed but I could be wrong.

    All-Star Quiz: Do You Remember The Nca 2020 Results As Well As You Think You Do?

    Take the quiz to see!
  3. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Nca All-star Nationals 2020

    Anybody competing at the 2020 NCA All-Star Nationals this weekend?
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Nca College Nationals

    The 2018 NCA College Nationals are coming up soon. Anybody excited?
  5. Emily

    All-Star Nca Allstar Nationals 2018 Updates

    I'll update this post later with all of the important links but wanted to get the thread started. Edit: NCA Google doc - only update if you know what you are doing. If you don't know how to work the doc: write things that need to be changed in this thread and let someone knowledgeable change...
  6. DePaulCheer

    College College Cheerleading

    If you live in the midwest and looking for a college with a cheerleading program then reach out to DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois! They have a cheerleading squad that attends NCA Summer Camp in Louisville KY, performs at basketball games during the fall & winter and competes at NCA...
  7. Lena

    All-Star Past Nca Results

    Does anyone know where I can see past NCA results? Or does anyone know past NCA results? :D The site doesn't work on my computer. Does it work on yours? 2013 NCA & NDA All-Star National Championship I can't open any results...
  8. C

    All-Star Reddit Style Ama Request - Justin Carrier

    I would love to see a Reddit style "Ask Me Anything" on the Fierce Board with Justin Carrier. Does anyone have the cache to make that happen or should we just tweet him and ask? I think it would be a great way to see where allstar is heading and also discuss some of the issues people are...
  9. JayNYC

    College Michigan State All Girl Tryouts!!

    Clink the link above for all information or email us at mailto:[email protected]!!! Hope to see you there!!
  10. DePaulCheer

    College College Cheerleading

    DePaul University Competitive College Cheer Team For more details OR questions about our program please email us today Follow Us: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Location: Chicago, Illinois Tryouts: Sunday June 5, 2016 Competition: NCA College Nationals in Daytona, Florida Camp: NCA Camp in...