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  1. TheCheerBuzz

    All-Star 💓 NEWS: New Large Senior team, WC Twinkles are back, Queer cheer movie, your cheer hot takes & more!

    The following is taken from our weekly newsletter! Get news like this every week by joining for free 💌 New Large Senior team KC Cheer Fearless (competed as Small Senior 6 at Worlds this year) has joined the division again: We say “again“ because they have competed in the Large Senior division...
  2. M

    College 2019 University World Cup Cheerleading Championships Results ?

    Hi, just wondering if last year's University World Cup Cheerleading Championships results were available somewhere ? Maybe you even discussed it here but I can't find anything on the subject. P.S. I'm searching for the University results, not the ranking by countries. Thanks !
  3. Tajanea Henson

    All-Star World Cup Stratosphere Open 4

    World Cup stratosphere, Lancaster PA location is fielding an open level 4 team! Great location for central PA girls and guys still wanting to cheer!
  4. BowsnBling

    All-Star World Cup Expansion?

    Any word on if World Cup will be expanding into any states? There is a rumor going around about Florida being a possible location. It' That time of year folks.
  5. SaraDee023

    Iso: World Cup Apparel

    looking for AM World Cup apparel of any sort. Please respond what you have via a private message here. Will pay with whatever form you want (and will include shipping.)
  6. kinglekcheerboy13

    World Cup, Gymtyme, Louisville, Spirit Of Texas

    I have some items that I do not wear anymore! Everything I have has been worn a few times and looks brand new Kik me @malek_hinton for pictures and prices.
  7. CheerDaily

    World Cup Shooting Stars Cheerleader Soars To Great Heights, Defying Genetic Disorder

    Click For Full Article Article and photos by – Written by Amy Kuperinsky Lyric Generals smiles triumphantly as she stands tall on one leg, an oversized metallic bow in her hair. On the floor several feet below, her teammates hurriedly clutch her foot and ankle as she stretches her other...
  8. StarEyes

    Looking To Buy World Cup Merchandise

    pm me with picture if you have anything to sell! I'm also looking for a cheersport blanket, so let me know if you have on or know where to get one.
  9. CoachRobi

    All-Star World Cup Lazers 2014-2015 (ioc5)

    Hey everyone! As most of you know, World Cup has expanded into two new locations in eastern Pennsylvania. World Cup Phoenix is located in Easton, PA. This season we have decided to host the International Coed 5, Lazers, at the Phoenix location. We are seeking level 5 athletes to join our team...
  10. Ashay

    All-Star World Cup Genesis

    World Cup Genesis (Scranton) location is looking for 3 level 5 bases. Must have jumps to back, and specialty to full or double. Please contact Ashley if interested [email protected]
  11. Cammi Raechelle

    Looking For Anything Topgun, Az Power, Calibullets, World Cup.

    Looking for Anything Topgun, AZ Power, Calibullets, World Cup. I will buy anything and trade anything. Kik me swagswagswag1011 or DM my Instagram cammybabee
  12. Inside Cheerleading

    Introducing, Emily Szalkowski Of World Cup Odyssey To Team Ic!

    Click For Full Article Although my all star cheerleading days are coming to an end, I hope to continue my passion throughout college. I was recently accepted into the University of Kentucky where I will tryout in May hoping to become a part of the 20 time National Champion team.
  13. N

    OT World Cup, What Year/team?

    It has been on my mind lately. Which World Cup team stunted to "We Belong" by Pat Benatar? It was their main stunt sequence, and I feel like it was quite a while ago. It was a younger team (I think). I LOVE the song, and the sequence just has stuck with me, and it has been driving me nuts lately...
  14. cheer-islife

    All-Star World Cup Shooting Stars

    What do you think of them winning worlds this year? I think it's their year personally, even though we still have NCA to wait for, I have faith in them. They were pretty good in Majors too, what's your guys opinion on wcss this year? I'm really curious
  15. beyondthebowcheer

    All-Star Cheer Extreme & World Cup

    Sorry if this has been asked.... I really like the Stars/Elite t-shirt. But I don't understand why the two gyms came together to make this design. Anyone have an idea? Just the spirit of good sportsmanship?
  16. hawkeye87

    All-Star World Cup Showoff!

    today is the day! I am so excited to see shooting stars!
  17. JenCollins94

    Looking For World Cup

    Hey all. I'm looking for the retired World Cup tshirt. It was the one with the cheetah WC on the back. If any one has it and is willing to sell/ trade please Kik me @ JenCollins94 I had one, and got scammed out of it.. Thanks! :)
  18. stuntjumptumble

    All-Star World Cup Lazers

    The Lazers are back! Anyone interested in an international level 5 team please let me know! We need flyers as well. I know this should be in tryout info but this section gets the most traffic. Thanks! The Fierce Board App! || iPhone || Android || Upgrade Your Account!
  19. B

    World Cup And Competition Shirts Must Go

    I have 2 pairs of shoes, a few Wc shirts , lots of bows , sports bras , Wc shorts , canam national jacket , Rhode Island national sweatshirt , competition t shirts and Nike pros . Kik me at brittnaaayxx or text me at 9088128970