All-Star Cheerleaders With "outrageous" Looks

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Aug 14, 2010
I apologize if this has been discussed before, but it came up in a conversation today and I was wondering everyone's opinions on it.

How do you feel about guys/girls competing that do something like dye their hair bright green or have noticeable tattoos? Does it affect your perception of the person/team, or is it good that they stand out as an individual? I know some gyms have policies about this... mine doesn't, and a year ago one girl dyed her hair neon pink; needless to say, none of us were that happy. =\

Personally I don't like to see it at a competition. I'm all for individuality, but if it's something extremely noticeable, it messes with the uniformity and my eye is drawn to one person during the whole routine.
I agree. There was a boy at a competition I was at Sunday with a pink mohawk. Needless to say, he was the only one I watched.
I was actually thinking about this about 10 minutes before I saw this post haha. I've seen a girl compete in a red, yellow and white uniform with bright purple hair, it was an 'interesting' look to say the least. And she's just joined my gym :/
lol i think teams with crazy colors should tone it down by putting a lot of black in there uniforms, KX Athletics (kats extreme) there second day uniforms look GREAT!! i love the way they tone don the purple and green with the nice black uniforms :)

as it goes for outrageous make up, i think it looks good if the whole entire team applies it the same way, for example, Fame! i loooooveeeeee there crazy make up and idk if its a sticker or not, but it looks so cool even though i would have never thought of that!

as for hair, i personally hate when people do crazy hair, no offense to anyone! But i feel like if i am paying so much attention to the guy on the floor with the purple, blue, green, and orange hair, then that definitely has to be distracting the judges.
I think if you are going to dye your hair do it the color of your uniform and DO NOT dye your whole head just maybe the underneath!!
I think if you are going to dye your hair do it the color of your uniform and DO NOT dye your whole head just maybe the underneath!!

Oh no, the girl I posted about before with the purple hair, I saw her at a different competition with tomato ketchup coloured hair which was the same colour as her uniform. It look REALLY strange.
Hair dye, no thanks.

Tattoos I don't have a problem with. Some gyms make their athletes cover them up.
I think a lot of what we see as an athletes individuality is result of liberal coaching and rules. Although we all have our own personalities and unique style I think most times it's best left to be expressed on our own time. Too much of an unnecessary distraction can ruin a performance for an entire team.
I only have a problem with a tattoo when its large and all over a very visible body part like the ribs or leg, especially if its something dumb and unsentimental. Hair dye I find to be distracting, I love when someone just had a streak of a certain color but definitely not the whole head. Wait until after the last competition because then you can wear the dye may-october/november!
With tattoos- I'm only going to 'object' if it's large and in a blantanly obvious spot (I have a friend who has a peacock going from her side ribs to just above her bum. Gorgeous tat, but if she cheered? It'd bug me). I had a guy on my team who had a tat on his calf, but they wore pants so nobody saw.

Neon hair- Not a fan. My bff has a blue stripe on her under-hair but it's more of a slight pop and less of 'KOOLAID BRIGHTNESS RAWR!'. That, to me, detracts from the performance. My eyes are going to be drawn to that random shot of color..
I think the all over dyed hair is really distracting. Nothing crazy, all over, or obnoxious. But, my old team, Power Cheer Sabres, did a lot of breast cancer awareness things and did the walks and everything. Because a few years back, a bunch of the moms were diagnosed. And we always* wore pink bows with our unis. Some of our girls got a pink strip in there hair, for our bigger competitions and it looked really cute. Some had it underneath, and some had it on the side but I think that is appropriate. And as far as the tattoos, that doesn't really bother me. I've actually seen a lot of cute tattoos at cheer competitions :)
i was thinking about this a couple days ago....
i find tattoos and piercings while wearing your uniform quite trashy (but know that i am the kid that once wanted to be a tattoo artist and loves piercings)
i've seen a girl during a competition with a whole chest piece done (because the neck line was low on the uniform) it still looked trashy...
then about dying hair, it is a distraction but im dying my bangs so my poof will be pink :)
and im also dying my hair green this summer... sooo people would probably frown upon that
I've seen guys have one side of their hair dyed blond and the other black or guys with hair past their shoulders flowing freely. It's so distracting to watch. If the girls with long hair have to put their hair up then guys should wear bows too hahah can you imagine
Interesting... so it seems most people don't like the hair dye but tattoos are semi-acceptable if they're small/covered up. What if it's a (small) tramp stamp - not anything huge and distracting, but still generally looked down upon by a lot of people? Is that worse, or still no problem?

I once had a coach who was really against tattoos of any kind, not because they were distracting or looked bad, but because they played into the "cheerleader stereotype". Do any of your gyms have rules about it?
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