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Dec 23, 2010
How important is it for you and your team to condition for your routines?? Does everyone benefit from it?
I agree! Maybe the USASF should add yet another a rule...............mandatory conditioning or face possible elimination from your division.
Yes conditioning is extremely important. It is one of these easiest things you can do to ensure the safety of all involved. When a body is out of condition it is much more prone to injury, it also means that you can ensure all participants have a good basic level of fitness. If you can't get through a conditioning session how can you expect to get through 2.30 minutes on the mat!
All my cheerleaders condition at every class and they have conditioning sheets that they have to work through during the week at home.
Really important.
Aside from Warm-Ups . . some kids dont get enough . . .and would really try to do what they're gonna do for the routine. . .
It is beneficial . . .

for the Coaches, it kind of helps calming your nerves. . .lol . . .
I think it is very important. I also feel it is not incorporated enough with the younger teams. My daughter's old gym when she was a Mini 2 almost never conditioned. Her new gym where she is a Youth 2, does do conditioning.
conditioning is VERY important,our teams do running and tumbling suicides to build up our endurance.
during the summer, our level 5 teams have mandatory conditioning only practices every week. during the summer it really stinks but when we get to competition season it definately pays off
I agree with all of you. Conditioning is vital for athletes to do. We condition doing our routines of course. We also do conditioning in between our routine and before we leave practice
Running conditioning is excellent. I know for high school cheer we are only supposed to take weight classes during the off season because when you lift weights you muscles break down to build back up which is not good to do during the season.
Conditioning if a vital part of cheer. The more conditioning we do each month the easier and less out of breath I am after walking off the mat!

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