All-Star Congrats To Top Gun Io5 - World Champs 2 Years Straight!

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Love me some Topgun..... One of the highlights of the weekend!!!
also congrats on coed and IO6! Stellar performances!
even after everyone was doubting their stunting ability and saying that they put too much emphasis on tumbling with their boys. love me some TG! <3
Once again this weekend proved to me that Top Gun is still one of the best gyms out there. I was amazed at all of the performances and how the athletes and coached handled all the negativity about the uniforms. IMO I love the unis, they are so unique, just like the rest of the gym! Congrats to all Top Gun teams!
Yes!!! Don't forget the bronze in the International Open Coed Hip Hop as well :)
I love Top Gun and was so happy for them, all the teams they brought to worlds placed top 3, that is amazing!
OMG!!!! How could I forget about Hip Hop!!!! Yes, they were all amazing and it was such a pleasure to watch all the teams. It was an incredible weekend. The talent level from all the teams that were there was simply amazing. I am still blown away by the energy for the Sr. All girl division. The room was packed and the energy was amazing. Congrats to F5 on their victory! Maybe some day TG will have enough girls to field an all girl team. That would be awesome!! The competition in that division is the definition of FIERCE!!
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