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Jan 31, 2011
Anyone have any curling tips for the loose competition curls for short hair??? It will be half up half down. My daughters hair is pin straight a little shorter than shoulder length. I've done small curlers over night and she looked like a poodle!! Tips please!!
use about a one inch curling iron and spray the hair before and after you curl it, and make the pieces thin
Our team wears ours half up half down and curly too. I have shorter hair so I use a smalled barrel curling iron and it works fine. I don't use much hairspray either, but that's just because my hair holds curl well.
If anything, OVER CURL. Since your daughter has straight hair, really tight curls will take longer to fall out. They'll eventually fall into looser ones as well.
Also, have you ever tried sleeping in curlers? I had to do it for school cheer and they would not budge. There's a product called Curl Booster (in a yellow bottle with purple lettering) that you can try. Take the piece that you are going to put in the curler, spray, roll, spray again. Spray the whole head once you are done. Sleep on it then wake up the next day and spray again.. but leave about 1-2 hours before you actually remove the curlers. After then I would recommend using hairspray.
Make sure you use small enough pieces, it is less likely to fall completely out. :) and if you do use curlers make sure there vertically aligned or else you will end up looking like an old time president.
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