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Nov 25, 2010
at a recent competition i tripped in the pyramid. it was the worst thing in the world. i was just wondering what are some embarrassing things that have happened to you during your routine?
i tripped while i was walking/speed walking to my tumbling spot.... im pretty sure thats when i only did a front walk over round-off... then during practice this year i did a round off forward roll stood up to do my next (real) tumbling pass but i fell hard and got a rug burn... on my butt.. not cool :\
THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME! It was at our show case and we were in the pyramid and I base a girl who does a bow single in the center. After that we transition to a wolf wall- I complety tripped and fell on the ground! It was so embarrasing! I managed to pull myself up off the ground in time but it was still so embarrassing!
Well like 2 years ago, we had our first competition of the season and it was a jamfest comp. Well, they didn't mark center. So when I went to the dance, I was supposed to be on the panel next to center, but instead I went to center. I pretty much trampled the girl that was supposed to be on center. Then I realized I was in the wrong spot and finally moved. Our dance was a hot mess that competition.
One time, I was doing a back handspring at a showcase for my gym and I like fell on my face. It wuz cuz I wasn't tight enough or something but it wuz rly embarrassing...
at the end of routine i fell, im quarter spaced in center with another girl and we take a knee and link arms. and i fell. soooo bad!
Well recently at our showcase my team was warming up our tumbling, and it was my turn i was doing punch front thew to double and the double was soo high and it spinned really fast that i wasnt prepared for the landing and i like over rotated to my but i was soo embarrised bc it was soooooo sooo many peopl there watching hahaha
I double tied my mates shoes around my feet (I forgot mine) before we went on. I tripped over walking on, got an 'Ohhhhhh' from the crowd, then in jumps one of the shoes flew off my foot into and up into the air. It landed somewhere on the floor, then my team-mate had to kick it subtly off. I then completed the dance and pyramid without a shoe. The routine was filmed and is on Facebook. Granted to say, I didn't need the blusher to make my cheeks red.
My favorite and most memorable was in 2005 at American Masters (on the stage) when I was center for the dance and I C-rolled up to point like towards the end of the dance and well, I fell getting up from the c-roll..I was supposed to pop up and instead I fell back down on my butt..there was an action shot and everything!! I typically would have got back into the dance, but I just didn't :oops: so tragic!
so clumsy as i am.... one comp. the mat was kinda raised, and somehow i managed to trip walking on the floor, straight up face planted. ok, no big deal, im used to tripping and falling. well turns out i tripped pretty hard, because i had a huge gash in my shin, and it was bleeding the entire time i ran the routine. im pretty sure i still have a scar from it. so instead of being able to tell cool stories like, yeah, i totally got bit by a shark, i get to tell people i tripped over a mat.
same thing kinda this year during taping. we were taping the pyramid, and we put a little too much oomf into it, and i fell off the back. i got caught and evverything, perfectly fine, but i get hurt AFTER i'm on the ground. i went to turn around, and tripped over the mega phone, and once again, ripped my shins open. so now i have identical scars. and no fun story to tell.
i have countless other stories that involve eating mat, but we'll save those for another day :)
during the 07-08 season ( i was in 7th grade) we were at Spirit Sports in Orlando (Sunshine Shootout) and I, being the natural klutz I am, was running backwards to my place for running tumbling and I tripped over my own two feet and landed on my butt. Nothing too catastrophic but I was definitely embarrassed.
This isn't me, but it's funny :p At Live Providence in '09 our point jumper got to her jumps spot and completely blanked. She looked like a deer in headlights. While she was supposed to do a double toe hurdler, she clapped above her head and kept her hands there for the double toe. She looked ridiculous, but somehow managed a rather decent toe touch.
Didnt happen to me but on junior coed intermediate in 04 the center for our pyramid was a boy and he flew forward/flipped him over into the center. Well when he got up he pants slipped down, so basically he is in the air holding two feet with one hand and the other hand is holding his pants up. What made it worse was we had black pants and he had yellow boxers on under.
COA Ultimate Nationals in Orlando in....2006 I think. I was competing and we cradled our stunt. I caught my flyer, set her out, and BLANKED. I had NO IDEA where I was supposed to go next. I had done that routine a million times, and I have no idea what happened.

So turns out running tumbling was next and I'm supposed to be in a big group of like 6 people, going first and tumbling from the front of the mat to the back. So my entire team clears from their stunts to around the edge of the mat for their passes, I'm still standing 1 panel off center frantically looking around. I stood there for a solid 8 count and a half until I saw my herd of tumblers at the front of the mat slap clap and power hurdler towards me to throw their pass. With a giant hole where I was supposed to be. I just stood where I was, did a few awkward steps and threw a roundoff back handspring....a million counts off.

Also one time at Battle Under the Big Top in 07 I had mono and wasn't supposed to compete. But a girl hurt her back so I had to go on in her place, enlarged spleen and all. I don't really know why but my coach made me take her spot in the dance and cheer too. I was literally in warm ups learning counts. Everything went off without a hitch until the dance, when I lined up in the wrong lane, throwing off the rest of the formation behind me. Luckily the girl whose spot I was in was smart enough to hop on my correct lane. Formation changes were all off from that point though. Not to mention I spent the entire dance staring at the girl beside me and doing everything about a half a count late because I didn't know what I was doing.
I think the most embarrassing thing was running out from behind the globe at Worlds 2010, sprinting to the side where the fierceboarders usually sit, waving my hands all big and fancy, and not seeing a single face I recognized. I quickly ran to my spot and made a mental not for day two hahahaha