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Apr 10, 2011
I have a ton of favorite but these are ten I like! : (most from 2010-2011 season)
- Exuse me, did someone call us youth?! Get it right, its youth ELITE! - CEA youth elite 09-10
- Theres no stopping what twisters came to do, F5 is coming threw! - MD twisters F5 2011
- Whos last place tag, not it! - Stingray Smoke 2011
- Cant you see?! The ring looks better on me! - CEA senior elite 2011
- I can tell you want my ring, but just so you, jealousy is an ugly thing. - Top Gun Int. Coed 2011
- Thats gonna leave a mark, thats gonna sting, now your all covered in blue and green! - stingray lime 2011
- Hey smoeeeedddd! - Cali Smoed
- Dont get it twisted! Haha! - CEA coed elite 2011, makes me laugh!
- Globes, jackets, rings. Owww, back to back. - Brandon senior black 09-10
- Ive got my spine, ive got my orange crush. - Stingray Orange ( not really a voiceover, but i like it)
two oh double one back for another one work it. done
brandon black

Legacy are you ready ?
Ua Legacy
is that a twinkle in your eye or are u just happy 2 see us? world cup!- wc twinkles 2009-2010
the world has been marked theres an x on the globe!- senior elite 2010-2011
i'm taking back whats mine 1 more time!- senior elite 2010-2011
don't let the prada fool ya!- wcss 2011
Bring back the girls!-wcss 2011
twisters never quite never fall and always rise above it all- f5 2011
judges your scores 10's across the board- f5 2011
the divas are back!- f5 2011
if your wearing teal bend and snap!- youth elite 2009-2010
little? who are u calling little?- wc twinkles 2008
blog about that on the fierce board!- ga louis 2010
srry i have alot:)
i can tell you want my ring, but just so you know jealousy is an ugly thing-T.G i5
do you hear that? thats the sound of you gagging-T.Gi5
haters talking smack, keep up your chattery imitation is the best form of flattery- T.G i5
y'all now what were sayin. y'all now smoke ain't playin so everybody in the house start RAYYYYYIIINNNNNN
Twisters are back & were comin for u live give it up for my ladies of F5! :)
C- A California we ain't gonna stop it's CALI FREAKING FORNIA
-work trabajar trabajar gymtyme platinum like a real superstar---gymtyme platinum
-Allow me to reintroduce myself, tick tock tick tock do you know what tyme it is?---G-Y-M-T-Y-M-E, P-I-N-K---- Now i'm feelin' so fly like a G-Y-M-T-Y-M-E---gymtyme pink
-haters keep talkin' smack, keep up your chattery, immiatitions the best form of flattery... meow!- Top Gun Intl. Coed
-feel the sensation of the jaguar nation-Top Gun Intl. Coed
-Welcome back ladies.... don't get it twisted---The divas are back and you should know our names---f-i-v-e you know what i mean F5 is back all hail the queens---There's no stopping on what twisters came to do F5 is coming through--F5
-On our way to the top, getting higher you'll see, all around the world you'll hear... WC---WCSS
-We came to make it Reign again, we came to bring the pain again-Reign
-OOO someone had their bowl of the fierce-o's today----Grab your phone call your friends Odyssey is back again, 1st place you shoulda known, Welcome to the O-zone----O-D, O-D-Y, O-D-Y-S-S-E-Y---- In jersey we don't pump our gas we pump our fists---WC Odyssey
-Cali freakin fornia-CA
-Believe it you better know it, the ring looks better on me---The ladies you adore back for one more, Senior Elite evolution complete---One more time we're X-ing you out---I'm taking back what's mine, one more time---The world has been marked there's an X on the globe, Now and forever we own the throne----CEA Senior Elite
-work twerk talk to the hand, ICE is back to rule the land---ICE Lightning
-when you walk in the place, you know our face, we might make you look twice, put your hands up for the new kids of ICE- ICE Inspire
in the beginning there was purple and black, GEORGIA, The first international champions, we just gave you six years to catch up. GA Cocos 2011
i know you feel it, wildcats lets kill it. Released from the cage right on to the stage. CA Wildcats 2011
Its our time, Own it, Live it, Serve it. SO5 is looking so fine. CA bullets SO5
You just got scratched, you gonna need a band-aid for that. Tiger Elite Fab 5 2011
just when you thought we couldn't seal the deal, well take a look honey its a brand new teal. Charlotte Teal 2010
We know there are others but here is the deal, we are the one and only the original teal. Charlotte teal 2009
GT is back and you know you cant ignore, so pay attention this time is war. Gymtyme black 2011