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Dec 14, 2009
Hi fierceboarders!

My friend Meg and her fiance are trying to win a free photo session for their wedding. They are the cutest couple ever (as you will see) and they deserve this very much! :) Meg herself is actually a photographer and will not be able to take their wedding pictures! Her fiance is currently a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy-same as my boyfriend
They are a very sweet couple and I am trying to help them out as much as I can! Also, I am very excited since I have helped her so much with voting..my boyfriend and I will be receiving a free photo session with her!
Her photography company: Megan Cable Photography

Voting is easy!
Like Natalie Franke Photography here: http://www.facebook.com/NatalieFrankePhotography
And then like their photo:Megan and Nick

Thank you!
bump: Today until 11:59pm, is the last time to vote!! :) It's super easy and this amazing couple would really appreciate it! They are currently only ahead by a couple votes! :eek: I personally have voted for several contests on the board for dogs, couples, cheerleaders etc. I know none of you know Megan nor her fiance personally, but they are the sweetest couple and really deserve this!!

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