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Mar 25, 2010
hey ya'll :) i know there's a thread with pics of people's tattoos. But I need ideas on where to get mine (if I actually do get it lol) I'll include what I'm thinking about below. but pretty much, i need to have it somewhere that can be "hidden". i can't have one with the job i'm going into, or at least it can't be visible. and the foot is too cliche i think... so i need some more ideas :)




just the swim part, not the signature :) i like the back tattoo, but i would never be able to wear a dress without it showing...

peace, love, and happy cheering

I'm thinking about getting mine done in white ink. I'm really pale, so it'll show up-but not as much as a black/color ink would.
On your side, ribcage area. Please, please, no tramp stamp.
As much as I am, hmmmm, apt to judge those who have tramp stamps, my mother cares for elder people and has told me that it's one area of the body where the skin stays quite nice and smooth; firmer than other areas. So now when I see tramp stamps I wonder whether they're just really prepared for the longevity of that tattoo ;)

Ribcages are great, just below the bra line. I have one near my hip bone just below the knicker line. And a little one behind the ear (that one didn't hurt much, but tattoo needles drumming into your skull is probably one of the more terrifying sounds you'll hear).
I would also recommend NOT on your hip bone. You can't even begin to imagine what happens to the skin there when you're pregnant........
Oh noooooo! 18 yr old me was obviously not thinking about the effects of pregnancy :oops: It'll probably be the least of my problems once I pop one out though, right? Stretched tattoo vs tiny wailing human?!
do you have long hari?because you can get on in the upper part of the back of your neck and cover it with hair
I vote high up on your rib cage. Almost directly beside your boob or a little bit under. Then it would still be covered in a uniform.

If it shows in uniform, you can always hide it with make up. USC makes their cheerleaders hide tattoo's and I know most of the girls use this (kind of expensive) stage makeup because it doesn't sweat off. It's SUPER intense and stays on for a looooooong time. You have to buy the remover to get it off.
I'm thinking about getting mine done in white ink. I'm really pale, so it'll show up-but not as much as a black/color ink would.
I asked a tattoo artist friend about this as I really like them and he said they often turn pink - something about mixing with blood. Ew!
I just got my gym's logo tattooed on my ankle... it's easy to hide with a sock, a pair of pants, or an ankle brace when cheering:)