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Jul 8, 2010
Ok so every year I help make voiceovers for the teams at my gym but this year there is too many! So I was hoping some of you cheer addicts like myself could help me make some!
Here are the team names, division & level! Oh and our gym name is Valley Cheer Elite! Please and thank you:)

Team Names:
Sizzle- tiny level 1
Fire- small mini level 1
Red Hots-small youth level 1 B
Firestorm-small youth level 1 A
Blaze- small senior 1
Wildfire- small mini level 2
Flares- small youth level 2
Ignite- small junior level 3
Inferno- large coed 3
3rd Degree- large coed 5(summer team)
Phoenix- medium coed level 5
HellCats- international coed level 5
we're too cute, you can't resist, watch us SIZZLE, as we jump and twist!
feel our FIRE, true desire, respect the empire!
we're soo hot, we can't be phased, sit back and watch, the power of BLAZE!
sit back and enjoy the show of INFERNO!
prepare to get burnt!
our skills can't be denied, we tear up the floor, (idk what to write here?), and now you're begging for more!
no one can beat, Valley Cheer Elite!
what are your colors? and use rhyme zone itll jog your creativity
I wouldn't say I'm the best at voiceovers, but heres some ideas and maybe it helps!

Sizzle - Sizzle Sizzle Pop Pop, watch out world cuz we won't stop
We may be tiny but we still sizzle

Fire - Don't play with fire. You'll get burned or Didn't your momma ever teach you, Play with fire and you'll get burned

Blaze - Once the fires started you can't stop the blaze, when we take the floor you'll remember our name

Wildfires- Wildfires taking over from the east to the west. Valley Cheer Elite a step above the rest

Inferno - Do you feel the heat, Inferno's bringing to you, go ahead step back before we burn right through you

Hellcats- Been to hell and back again, now we're going for the win