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Jul 3, 2011
Okay so my friends sister in laws daughter got a concussion. She was out for 3 months or so. Her coach said she needs to get a full up at least. She just started practicing a couple weeks ago and her stunt group was out of town. Do you think it's fair that the coach isn't giving her the time she needs to catch up and won't put her with another group. And so she could be not competing all year just going for support? Having to pay for everything still? We need tips! Any tricks to full ups and stunting with anyone. She made varsity they are a large team they have 7 flyers but not all competing. Could be sitting all year imagine this was your child.
Is there a flyers class she can take? I offer classes for my flyers that anyone can take. They work a lot of flexibility and drill skills on all kinds of apparatus but if we can form a stunt group we do and that's a staple skill we work
Injuries are always tricky for coaches. You have to think about whats best for the team as well as the one girl that is hurt. We had a girl get a concussion last year, she was also a flyer. She was out for a few weeks from flying and tumbling, but she still participated in dances except for maybe 1 or 2 weeks. What happened with her is we had another flyer take her spot. When she got better she had a new spot, but still worked on her flying skills. Eventually we put her back in, maybe not flying the same stunt, but she did end up flying at nationals even after being out for a concussion. Hopefully your coach will do the same or something similar for this girl. Good luck! :p