All-Star International Open 6 (all-girl)

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Jun 16, 2010
There are very few american teams in this division (3 out of 16)
I see this division as a huge opportunity for a non-us team to take home first

Who do you see as the biggest contenders in this division?
Viqueens Cheerleaders Spirit (Norway)
Orange Crush
Alberta Cheer Empire (Canada)
Absolute Academy Cheer (Canada)
Team Denmark (Denmark)
Vikings (Austria)
Flyers All-Starz Montreal (Canada)
Team Sweden (Sweden)
Fire and Ice Whiteout
OC All Stars
Tigres UANL (Mexico)
Cyclones (Japan)
Cheer Sport Sharks - Grey Reefs (Canada)
Team Switzerland (Switzerland)
Power Cheer Toronto Cobras (Canada)
CheerForce Wolfpack (Canada)
I think HSC Allstars (Germany) are also competingin this divison

I think the Top contenders are
Viqueens (Norway) they are amazing!
And i bet Cyclones(Japan) are also incredible

How much is tumbling worth on the score-sheet?
* but that is definitely a level 6 routine in the video *
yeah that's why i thought they were competing Level 6 because they are also going to the ICU Worlds and that would mean they are doing 2 different Routines , which is kinda weird
Viqueens are finally coming to worlds and i'm sure they're going to be one of the teams to beat with their stunts! Also, I'd think many of the Canadian teams should be up there as well. I haven't seen anything from Cyclones since 2009 ( but I'm sure they will be clean clean clean. We'll see if the difficulty can match Viqueens. I'm kind of surprised that UPAC from Chile isn't bringing Miss Panther in this division this year though....i think they were always up there and won it one season (granted the tumbling needs work this season, but they're fairly strong stunters :
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