My Stunt Group Gives Me Anxiety

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Oct 12, 2019
Hi! I had posted previously about my group that won't really work with me. So last week we had death in the family that took a huge toll on me. The same day i was told, I had practice. It is competition week so I dont want to miss the practice, but it was too overwhelming to be around a crowd and pretend I was okay. I asked to sit out and watch and during that time, we had to work on stunts. The group i am with came up to me and asked why I was sitting and i told them and they apologized for the loss. I left early that day and had the okay to stay home the next day as I didnt want to be around people. Today, i was told by 2 teammates I was being made fun of and laughed at for 2 days. This made me angry as they were sweet to my face but went behind my back and made fun of me. I have a issue as a backspot for lifting as it isn't my strong suit but if i was worked on more on it, id be better. Our flyer tends to be a little big heavy for me and a little dense and doesnt hold herself up well. I held her up prior and it led to an injury (it was me). Even other backspots and bases even agreed she's heavy but she is a substitute since our other flyer got injuries. The girls went and made fun of me and made me feel bad about myself and hearing this from multiple teammates made me angry. But now i have anxiety to work with them. Like its gotten to the point i feel my chest starting to hurt. Idk what to do. Please reply !!!
Not open for further replies.