New Cheerleader Tips??

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Mar 12, 2011
Hiya! I'm an ex-gymnast who is new to cheerleading (as well as Fierceboard!), and i I was wondering if there were any tips more experienced cheerleaders could give me. I can back tumble (tucks, layouts) and front tumble (front hand spring front tuck, front pike). I'm pretty much clueless other than watching videos on youtube and tumbling, so anything will help :). Thanks!
Umm mostly about competitions. If competitions are scary (Gymnastics competitions were). Are the girls on other teams nice or is there like rivalries or something?
Depends what gym you go to. Some gyms do have "rivals" but I don't think it is a huge deal! Competitions are so much fun! They can be stressful if theres a last minute injury or anything or you are worried about hitting everything, but you can't let the nerves get to you. You just gotta go out on the mat, hit your stuff, and leave the mats with no regrets. Teams typically get really close throughout the season, and you become a family, so yes, most girls are very nice!!
Hey, I cheer in England and our comps are really friendly, we have a few gymnasts and ex-gymnasts on our team and they have all commented on how everyone at cheer comps were more friendly than at their gym comps. In general I think that the competitions have a great atmosphere :)
Most teams are very friendly and competitions are so much fun and exciting :) Don't let nerves overwhelm you though, just be confident and do what you gotta do. You'll meet a lot of new people and become really close with your team!
I'm a cheermom so I have no tips to offer, but welcome to All Star and I hope you enjoy it.
Try outs at most gyms aren't scary at all! Most gyms try not to make it too stressful. Enjoy cheering! We have a two gymnast on my team and both of them love cheering and gymnastics. Good luck!
In my opinion everything about cheerleading is fun. You'll meet a lot of new people, experience going to cheer competitions, making friends with other teams and doing a lot of team activities together. It's not how it is in movies (when in movies the cheerleaders hate each other on the same team, etc.) everyone is nice, good coaches for the most part:) Throw what you have:) your a good tumbler I see so the other cheerleaders will be amazed what you can do:) Go out there on tryout day and WERRKKK ITTT! :)