All-Star nicest gym?

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I was just at Hot Cheer in PA- Major major major nice. Something I've never seen before. Parents, staff, cheerleaders and all. Supppper awesome.

We met GEMS from NJ at CANAM and their fans, kids, and coaches were amazing! They cheered for all of our teams and for our S4 teams which they competed against.

There are a few local gyms that are always so nice to us also: ACX( rock!), Odyssey, Carolina Allstars, etc..several gyms!
everyone at cheer athletics is amazing. Whether it's an athlete or coach, they were all so friendly,welcoming, and helpful :)
i honestly don't think there is one particular gym where everyone involved is rude. i'm sure that every gym has that one athlete or parent who gets way too intense and thinks that they're all that. plus, everyone has different experiences with the thousands of gyms from all over the world, so everyone's opinions will differ.
just my two cents for this thread.
CEA honestly blows me away with how nice they are to everyone! even though they have a team in pretty much every division, they always seem to have something amazing to say about your team even if you compete against them! we need more gyms like them =] there amazing!