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New Jersey Cheer Factory ~ 10 Alvin Court - East Brunswick, NJ 08816 ~ 732-967-1400
New Jersey Cheer Factory is a state of the art cheer facility focused on family values and offers organized, educational classes to all age groups. New Jersey Cheer Factory is strictly a cheer/tumble facility dedicated to promoting good sportsmanship, athleticism, encouragement and unity throughout all of its programs.

$60 Per Month For Non-Gym Members
$50 Per Month for Gym Members
This membership allows your child to take (1) Tumbling OR (1) Flexibility class per day. The membership may only be used by one child and cannot be combined for other siblings/friends. All memberships must be paid in full within the first week of every month. Memberships will not be accepted after the first week.

Tumbling Classes
$15 Non-gym Members
$10 Gym Members

STANDING TUMBLE- Will focus only on Standing Tumbling (Handsprings, Tucks, Fulls, etc.)
Wednesday 7-8pm
Thursday 5-6pm

TUMBLING VARIATIONS- Will focus on variations including Punch Fronts, Whips, Arabians. (Must have layout)
Monday 7-8pm

BEGINNER TUMBLE- Basics/back handsprings/multiple standing handsprings
Monday 8-9pm
Tuesday 5-6pm
Wednesday 6-7pm and 8-9pm
Thursday 6-7pm
Saturday 10-11am

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLE- Back handsprings through to tuck/ standing tucks/ variations through to tuck/ layouts
Monday 6-7pm
Wednesday 6-7pm
Saturday 11am-12pm

ADVANCED TUMBLE - Fulls/variations through to full (Must have standing tuck and layout)
Saturday 11am-12pm

ALL LEVEL TUMBLE: (ages 5 & up/ all levels)
Monday 8-9pm
Tuesday 6-7pm and 8-9pm
Wednesday 8-9pm
Thursday 8-9pm
Saturday 12-1pm

Conditioning Class - $8/Class
Train athletes for competitive cheer routines (includes endurance, abs, cardio, legs, arms, strengthening)
Monday 6-6:30pm

Jump Classes - $8/Class
Train jumps from motions and arm placements to conditioning and flexibility
Monday 8-8:30pm
Tuesday 5:30-6pm
Wednesday 5:30-6pm
Thursday 7-7:30pm

Flexibility Classes - $8/Class
Monday 5-5:45pm
Tuesday 6-6:45pm and 8-8:45pm
Wednesday 7-7:45pm
Thursday 5-5:45pm

The Following Classes are not included in Monthly Memberships

Stunt Classes - $15/Class
(With Rich & Ryan)
Beginner Classes will focus on basic stunting technique (2 footed stunts and one-legged stunts at prep level)
Tuesday 7-8pm

Advanced Classes will focus on advanced stunting technique including extended single leg stunts, twisting dismounts, and release moves (Full ups and Tick Tocks, etc)
Wednesday 6-7pm

Sprinkles Classes - $10/Class
Ages 5 and Under - Jump, Tumble Motions
Tueday 6-7pm
Wednesday 5-6pm

Cheer Basics Classes - $10/Class
Learn Cheer Fundamentals including motions, jumps, and basic tumbling
Monday 7-8pm
Thursday 6-7pm