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Apr 8, 2010
About two days ago my computer crashed erasing ALL of my data .. I have had one person help me but one isn't enough .. I need my PSS mixes back or else I will go insane .. I do no care if they are from 1997 or if they are Tinys I used to have mostly all but now I only have last years .. Please help me

Please pm me and leave a post saying you did so I can shimmy you for all your help
Or if easier
Email me at
[email protected]

But still leave a comment saying you sent me music .. After a while I will compile a list of all that I have so noone has to send a mix twice

Thank you to all those who help

Yours truly
I don't NOT want sr black 2011... I want their music and performance to surprise and astonish me (as it always does):. But if you have ioc 2011 then sure [email protected]
Not open for further replies.