All-Star Question For Those Associated With Rochester Elite All Heat

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Jan 12, 2011
I was at the Cheer for the Cure competition in Niagara Falls when one of the girls on the Jr Co-ed team fell on her tuck. I was literally inches in front of her. It was a terrible fall and I know that there was some very serious injuries that occured . I have been thinking and worrying about her ever since. I heard she eneded up have surgery on her spine at Childrens in Buffalo. Does anyone know anything more about her progress or could possibly email me an address where we could send a get well card?
Ok I may be getting the user name wrong, but I believe @carlykayyy cheered there before?? Maybe she knows someone from the gym that could answer this. Hopefully the girl is okay!
Yess I cheer there currently, thanks for your concern! Her name is Taylor (she's on our Jr Coed 3 and Sr coed 3) and she was sent to the hospital immediately and was there till about 10 that night. It was a very scary day for the entire program. She fractured her spine and is out for the rest of the season and most likely a little bit into the next ... :/ She didn't get surgery on the spot at the hospital, but I'm pretty sure she needs to get work done on it in the near future. Thank you for expressing your worry about her, she's a strong girl and we're all praying for a speedy recovery! I'm not sure if she has an email address but if you PM me, I can give you her facebook page or address or something!

On a lighter note, which team are you from? I didn't compete that day but I was there all day and I coach Youth 2 :)
Not open for further replies.