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Jul 11, 2010
I've had some things lying around, and figured someone might want them... All prices include shipping. If you buy more than one thing, the price will go down because I'll be shipping things together.

Fabric: Each of these pieces was originally about 2 feet x 3 yards. They all have about 90% or less. The second picture is just the dark blue up close. Each piece is $7. If you buy 2+ pieces, they are $5 each.



Clothes: All of these are clothes that are lightly worn and still look fairly new. The first picture is a pair of brown Taylor pants size 13/14 from Delia's. I originally bought them for $35, selling for $17.


The next picture is 2 pairs (one is folded to the right side) of Morgan skinny jeans from Delia's. Both are size 13/14 and were originally bought for $39. Selling both for $17 a piece.


The next picture is of a shirt and a scarf. The shirt is an XL Delia's shirt, fits more like a L. I originally bought it for $20, selling for $10. The scarf was originally $20 (I feel like I bought it on sale) and selling it for $8.


The next picture is of 2 shirts: left side is from J Crew and right side is from Hot Topic. Both shirts are L and fit as a L. The left shirt was bought for $25 and I am selling it for $10. The left shirt was bought for $20 and I am selling it for $9.


Bath & Body Works things: All of the items below have never been used; one or two may have been opened just to see what they smell like. I have way too much B&BW things at home, so I'm selling them. The big ones were originally $10.50, selling them for $7. The small ones were bought for $3.50 and $5 and I'm selling the two together for $5.


If you have any questions about anything, feel free to post here or PM me. I prefer paypal but will take a check if you don't have one. :) Thanks!
The fabric should say 90% or more, not less... And the pink shirt from hot topic paragraph before it should say the RIGHT shirt is $9.