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What position do you have in stunts???

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Well i mostly back everything, but on one legged extension stunts i side (my FAVORITE position!) and in the pyramids i fly, because i stopped flying in like 08 and i was taught to fly on my left leg by my competitive coaches
until Gianni made all of the flyers go to their right leg, and i don't have any flexibility anymore on that leg...only left! Which noone flys on the left leg, besides college but yeah...i miss flying soooo much! </3

lol that was long
MainBase/SideBase/Backspot.! :)
I prefer main basing, but because of my height, I side base a lot.
I flew before, but I quit for a while and my flying skills were worse than my tumbling, so to fly I'd have to be on a lower team.:)
Flyer but i based for half a season after when i was out inured and lost my spot as flyer and i can back as well if im helping the younger ones.
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