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WHOA tiger

Cheer Parent
Dec 14, 2009
Hello everyone! Clemson cheerleaders are in DESPERATE need of help getting to nationals this year, and we are selling T-Shirts as a fundraiser. They are only $15 and we get $10 of each shirt sold. You can also donate money to the fund, but uy a shirt and rep it in Daytona for us!


Let me know if you are interested, or you can PM me your address and I will get you an order form in the mail right away. And don't worry I'm not like HotShot ;)

And don't forget to check out our College Prep Clinics this Sunday and next Sunday!

Thanks Everyone,
These are super cute, and if I was not struggling to sell all my calendars/get donations I would definitely help you out.
Good luck!!! :)
My team is having the same issue Tayler...unfortunately this is our FIRST year ever going/trying to go. I don't think my coach realized how much we need for fundraising, but on top of that the school only allows specific ways for fundraising. Just recently the athletic accounts have been suspended until this summer...before the school was willing to pay for our transportation and now that can't even happen so we are about $6000 short. It has basically come to the conclusion everyone is paying $300 individually now? I'm not really sure what is going to happen :( I was really looking forward to going too! Best of luck with your fundraising! :) I would love to buy one if I wasn't a poor college student now..

Praying we both will make it to Daytona!!
I will have to have a couple of these, for one special cheerleader and one special coach (retired cheerleader) that loves Clemson! sending the form in tomorrow :)