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May 11, 2010
So I'm trying to make a blanket out of all those old shirts that I don't wear anymore but <3 too much to throw away...
I started out ba cutting them into squares. So far it looks like this:


Did anyone ever attempt something like that? What did you do as a next step? I'm unsure as to whether I should start by sewing the squares together and then put them onto a fleece blanket or whether I should sew each square onto a blanket.
Or maybe there are othe much better ways of doing this?

I'm kind of clueless as I'm not that much of a crafting freak. ;)
you could probably find a quilt pattern and instructions online somewhere. its pretty the same thing with shirts instead of different fabrics. i have one like that but i didnt make it.
Hey thanks! :)

I got my friend to help me, which is cool cause she's majoring in fashion design studies. :D

So far, I've cut out the squares, arranged them and ironed a thin vliesline onto the shirts' backsides to reinforce it a little.

It now looks like this:


Next steps are:
- sewing the squares together
- cutting the fleece and then sewing everything together
- I intend to fold the white fleese over around the outer lines so I'll have a white border all around the squares


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