All-Star We Have A Prize, Now We Need A Contest

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Is all about that bass
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Dec 4, 2009
So Nfinity wants to give away two seats to Bring it On the musical to the Fierce Board. Fantastic idea! So how do we choose the contest and who wins?

Video of the Fiercest Shimmy?

Whoever edits Livi into a routine picture the best?

Best bow?

It needs to be something that everyone can do regardless of their participation in cheerleading. (athlete, coach, parent, fan)

so i would say something that involves cheerleading ability should be out.
How about a random drawing from everyone who posts a message on the Fierce Board in the next, oh, three or four days? The only skill required is the ability to use the board. :)
Editing Livi. You need to provide a standard shot(s) for the contest.
Not open for further replies.