Why Try To Start A New Trend With Shorts Skirts Represent Cheerleadin

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I agree! I think they look like spandex practice wear. Plus with the skirt/lolly combo you have to chances to save yourself from your butt showing. However, with the only short thing, they ride up. Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of seeing short induced butts?
i am if some gyms want to be origanl put a new desing on the skirt dont were shorts i dont like to see your but when you preform...
I have to agree that Skirts are part of Cheerleading and I do prefer them over the shorts anyday. They look better. Lets face it not everyone has that tiny perfect little body. Coaches should consider what make there entire team look good and well put together.
I think that the shorts ruin the clean line that a skirt creates. Now, a too long/short/loose/tight skirt can do the same thing!